M79 [Phantom Forces - Test place news #37]

  • This is a gun I never thought would be added to Phantom Forces.

    M79 Thumper

    Description: (I'm not even kidding)

    Weapon skin zones: Available
    Weapon sounds: Stevens DB but pitched down

    Weapon screenshots:
    RobloxScreenShot20200828_215108368.png RobloxScreenShot20200828_215105346.png RobloxScreenShot20200828_215102306.png RobloxScreenShot20200828_215058571.png RobloxScreenShot20200828_215056388.png

    M79 Thumper stats:

    Rank: 79 Same rank as the GROZA-4!
    Category: Other Secondary
    Damage: 34x10-16x10
    Damage falloff range: 50-130 studs
    Headshot multiplier: (x1.50) 51-24
    Bodyshot multiplier: (x1.00) 34-16
    Fire rate: 90 RPM
    Magazine size: 1
    Ammo reserve: 20
    Bullet type: .22 Long Rifle
    Reload time: 1.0 seconds
    Empty reload time: 3.1 seconds
    Default fire mode: Semi
    Fire modes: Semi
    Muzzle velocity: 1,000 studs/s
    Penetration depth: 0.5 studs
    Suppression: 0.5
    Equip speed: 13.5
    Aiming speed: 16
    Weapon walkspeed: 14.0 studs/s
    Aiming walkspeed: 8.4 studs/s
    Round in chamber: None

    Special attachments:

    Attachments available to this gun that are not available for every gun!

    • Optics:
      • Unfolded Leaf Sight
    • Barrels:
      • Short Barrel (Shotgun)
    • Underbarrels:
    • Others:
      • Remove Stock
    • Ammo:
      • Sponge (M79)
        • Shoots 1 projectile instead of 10.
        • 10.0 Suppression
        • No penetration
        • 45x1 -> 40x1 damage
        • 100 -> 200 range
        • x1.5 body multiplier
        • +5 extra reserve ammo
        • 100% accurate
      • 410 Beehive (M79)
        • Now shoots 12 pellets from a .410 Bore shell.
        • 28x12 -> 16x12 damage
        • +250 muzzle velocity
        • 80 -> 150 range
        • -5 less reserve ammo
        • Headshot multiplier cut to x1.14
        • Extra choke
      • Armor Piercing
        • Behaves like normal Armor Piercing, but keeps the 10 pellets.
      • Buckshot (M79)
        • Now shoots 8 pellets from a 12 Gauge shell.
        • 37x8 -> 19x8 damage.
        • +250 muzzle velocity
        • 40 -> 138.66 range
        • Headshot multiplier cut to x1.1
        • -5 less reserve ammo
        • Extra choke
      • Hollow Point
        • Behaves like normal Hollow Point, but keeps the 10 pellets.
      • Flechette (M79)
        • Now shoots 16 pellets from a 40mm Flechette shell, the most pellets fired from the M79!
        • 25x16 -> 15x16 damage
        • 70 -> 130 range
        • -100 muzzle velocity
        • 1.5 penetration depth
        • -5 less reserve ammo
        • Extra choke
      • Slugs (M79)
        • Now shoots 1 pellet from a 12 Gauge Slug
        • 80x1 -> 49x1 damage
        • 50 -> 173.33 range
        • +250 muzzle velocity
        • -10 less reserve ammo
        • 2.0 penetration depth
        • Torso multiplier is now x1.25
        • Head multiplier is now x2.0
        • Reduced choke, not 100% accurate though

    Extra notes about the M79:

    • It's been added as a secondary as of Shay's request.
    • You can create the M79 Sawn by combining Short Barrel and Remove Stock.
    • Since it's a secondary, you cannot use grips on it.
    • Cannot use canted sights.
    • The only barrel attachments are the Short Barrel, Compensator, Muzzle Brake and Loudener!
    • Has custom reload animations.
    • No reload sounds yet.
    • Uses Stevens DB firing sounds.

    Extra discovered things:


    • Extended magazine moved to Ammo.
    • Can now equip .50 GI conversion.
      • A ton more damage. (50->32 on G17, 50->30 on G18)
      • Magazine capacity reduced to 8
      • Spare ammo reduced to 36
      • Doubled penetration
      • More recoil

    Minor changes:

    • Players now have a pale yellow skin, no more white skin.
      • Also a different face.
      • Does not display in lobby.
    • KOTH, Domination and Kill Confirmed objectives are halloweenified now.
    • DBV410 burst delay doubled.
    • (More official) release of the Night vision scope with a new Unique reticle (that's customizable) and fixes. Also it's now 6000 kills required to unlock.
    • Plague insight released. A very special halloween sight that changes forms and stats depending on the weapon it's equipped to. All feature a unique low zoom alt aim that is a black scope with no breath mechanics! Codenamed: "Murder Vision".
    • Fixed giant canted ACOG scope issue.

    Want to play around with the cool upcoming features?
    Click here to play the Test Place!

  • I wanna try it out but I know that I will get my butt kicked by skilled players

  • M79: I too wish it could shoot explosives, but having them as an ammo type would be OP, and the only balanced way IMO (only having those ammo types accessible as Grenades proper rather than an ammo attachment) isn't possible with PF's current code, as explained to me by an affiliate.

    .50 Glocks: Never have I had more fun with a machine pistol. Fr, the G18 .50 actually kills faster to the body than the G11K2 does to the head. G11 has a headshot TTK of 57.1 milliseconds, while the G18 .50 has a TTK of 54.5 milliseconds. Afaik, only the Kriss Vector with the .22lr conversion and headshots and the Tommy Gun with M1919 Conversion and again, headshots, kills faster.

  • Why the difference between reload and empty reload?

  • tinywasabi I have no idea, it was like that in the stats.

  • Got some VIP servers just to try them out?

  • please give it a 40mm slug sniping with that would be so much fun

  • DBV410 burst delay doubled.

    About time huh?

  • for some reason i think this is super underpowered

  • @DoxiSan Yeah, it may be good as a shotgun, but you can't make it an effective sniper.

    Either you use Sponge and cannot one tap at all.
    Or you use Slugs where you have 0.5 choke and less ammo.

  • M79 and it's ammo types will be rebalanced tommorow:

    alt text


    • Default M79 will now deal 19 damage at long range instead of 16.
    • Sponge ammo will one tap headshot at close, and deal 90 headshot damage up far.
    • Beehive ammo will be more accurate and deal more damage.
    • Buckshot ammo will be more accurate and will perform better at longer ranges.
    • Flechette ammo will now have 18(!) pellets and not being useless at long range anymore.
    • Slugs ammo will now one tap ANYWHERE up close until 50 studs, and 2 tap at long range. (It will still have choke though)

  • 9mm conversion of the SCAR-HAMR incoming!

    alt text
    alt text

  • Also available to the SCAR PDW:

    alt text
    alt text

  • This was obviously the most requested feature to add to the game

  • Last SCAR conversion!

    (1000 kill unlock, not 1500)

    alt text
    alt text

  • M79 Grenades when

  • Equipment when

  • https://bigwoodsmfg.com/9mm-scar-conversion

    A website to where the 9mm scar convertions come from.
    It turns them into blowback 9mm so idk why the ingame one still has a gas block

  • New test place update:


  • Darkman_Bree said in M79 [Phantom Forces - Test place news #37]:

    Last SCAR conversion!

    (1000 kill unlock, not 1500)

    alt text
    alt text

    So a real Scar PDW?

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