• CamaroKidBB I mean... BFG and shotguns would like to take to you about the whole "fastest killing guns to the body in the entire game" thing.

  • TheLastMan I forgot to mention “not counting one-shot kills.” Lol

  • CamaroKidBB That's fair. Tbh, I do see your point for not having the extendo mags with .50 cal, but from what I've heard, it is very hard to hit with the .50 G18 in the first place, as it has a lot of recoil. I haven't used it yet, so I can't say, but if true, I could see having an extendo as not being an incredible increase in power.

  • TheLastMan G-Stock helps out a lot with that, so I recommend using that with the .50 GI conversion.

  • M79 explosives P L E A S E

  • G36 they will need to be balanced. Not many people like the idea of instantly dying to impact grenades. Personally I think that you should be able to use your regular grenades as the ammo for it, which will allow you to fire them across the map with ease.

  • YES, it is a suitable solution to increase the number of M79 bullets, and it is numerically Close to the real world.

    Scar series 9mm conversion is a successful addition.

    • Scar L (34>20)= More average ability, especially at long range. Recoil similar to C7A2.

    • Scar HAMR (28>19)= A variant of MG36(.223),But more stable, pretty bad in CQB. But considering it has 100 rounds, it’s a OK balanced.

    • Scar PDW (30>18)= Powerful in CQB with 50 rounds. It's quite exciting to use.
      And it make the P90 look inferior. (Even if it has 2.0 penetration. still feel debility.)
      So Buff P90 please :) The ideal P90 damage value is 29>17.
      Examples of reasons: No one uses Hollow Points on P90 and the MP7 is more robust.

  • good update overall love the new metro and the "thumper"can it have smoke and explosive ammo for it like it was made for ,can we have a hk m320 under slung grande launcher for all rifle and more ammo for the hk416 like a 45acp or 9 mill and extended mags like 40 50 60 and in there own magazines tab in attachments but u carry the same amount of ammo and can we pleas have more than 2 mags for glock's in 33 round mags and can we loot grnads off a dead body pleas

  • greenyc1 it used to be 33/33, now it's 33/66

    with the Glock 17 the total ammo carried decreases a little bit, with the Glock 18 it actually increases i think

  • can we also have more grenades that u can throw flash bang, smoke , incendiary or a molotov

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