They removed the downvote option

  • Banned

    In a place where we are basically supposed to share our, views, points, and opinions on anything and everything they removed the option to have a decision on what is good or bad, thoughts?

  • We never had it in the old forums.
    And it would cause chaos anyways.

  • Darkman_Bree Yes, a little number in the bottom right indicating a dislike will cause detrimental mayhem on such a magnitude that the forums will need to be shut down!
    Besides, it's not like we can see who likes a post anymore, so why would it be an issue? EDIT: we still actually can see who likes a post. Who thought that that was a good idea?

    "We NeVeR hAd It On ThE oLd FoRuMs"

    Yeah, well bub, it's high time that things change with the new forums.

    Advocate for change, or just be another obscure figure just going with the flow.

  • Developers

    I disabled it because it's meant for spam, not opinions. Even with the rule, people didn't use it correctly.

  • Banned

    semaphorism Is it because I tried to start a flame war against the censorship thing? In my defense you absolutely deserved that, the censorship idea was dumb.

    I'd say the dislike button had very little effect there though. Granted now you have to actively tell people they're being retarded when they do something retarded. Which might lead to you getting hit with a mute or temp ban from a mod. So I'd rather have a dislike button that's plain and simple and doesn't risk mods cracking down on us for voicing our opinions.

    Of course nobody will ever listen to just me so why not just do what I've suggested in the past and start a poll. Ask the community if they want a dislike feature. You shouldn't just get to say "no dislikes" Mr. Zucc, Let us have a say in it.

  • gimme back that dislike so i can just follow hellcat around and dislike every post he makes

  • smoljordan Despite not wanting to disappoint us, you manage only to prove Sema's point about removing the dislike feature.

  • WeebDoctor Comment "down voted for X"
    Boom. :P

  • Banned

    yes sir my bro

  • smoljordan
    Navy semaphorism This kid is literally saying he is going to harass people but you blame me and Hellcat5 for witch hunting for not liking censorship.

    Sema you even said "We do not tolerate harassment. This also includes witch-hunting." This is actual harassment at it's finest. Please do something about this, cause I am starting to think you have a double standard.

  • Nums very clearly a joke bud. I never said i was going to harass people and i would never harass people. However, if you act like a dick, i'm gonna treat you like a dick. Regardless, there's no downvote button and there never will be, so instead i'll just have to live with your shitty posts clogging up my feed every day and do my best to ignore them

  • Developers

    Nums it's called sarcasm, he's obviously not serious.

  • damn some people have no sense of humour

  • semaphorism As if the text on a screen carries any hint of sarcasm, or emotion whatsoever.

    Regardless, the same could be said about doxxing "jokes", and yet those are handled with the upmost expediency beneath your scrutiny!

    Does the threat of obsessive harassment, even if it's not actually a threat, deserve any less attention?

    If there is anything I've learned from studying this corrupt system, it is that double standards do exist, as Nums has very clearly pointed out.

  • Developers

    My god you guys are just trying to make everything seem so bad, if you don't like the forum how it is, don't use it.

  • when this forum gonna be announced at E3

  • Banned

    Nums Oh no I totally witch hunted.

    Was it for the right reason? Did the ends justify the means? Am I really that bad of a person?


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    semaphorism iF yOu DoN't LiKe It DoN't UsE iT

    I hate this argument, I genuinely do. You. You came in here and changed a bunch of shit. You were the one to do this and then you turn around and say "Well if you don't like it leave".

    Fuck it, I might as well just start advertising the forum fan discord instead, because soon enough there'll be more of the old forums' spirit there than here. Of course I say that, but then you'd start cracking down on that wouldn't you?

    Because someone had the bright idea of giving a stylis mod literally any power at all in there.

  • Hellcat5 this forum is just fine. You just love to complain, so you'll find anything to complain about

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    smoljordan Yes it's good. But it WAS better. I doubt you would realize that.

    You could post whatever you wanted, say whatever you like. The only police was the very reasonable 2 mods we occasionally had on there, and each other. It was a self managing community. We didn't need rules put in place for us we made our own. Don't be stupid, and you'll most likely be accepted.

    The only hope, in my opinion, is that the mods abandon us like they always do, and we're free to transfer the old culture directly to here.

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