• Duplex M60 currently is 25 x 2 up to 40 studs. Which is basically 2SK up to 40 studs.
      I recommend either changing the max dmg to 24 or make the damage fall off range at 30 studs.
      So far, it's pretty alright in my eyes.

    Once it's fully wired, I may wish for a MG3KWS equivalent :D

  • NO DUPLEX AMMO. NO TRIPLEX AMMO. the projectile amount is just lagging the servers badly and they make no sense. with close to no spread you might as well have a single bullet. you gotta get rid of it while its in the test server.

  • Quake1 Server lag is probably on your part. I was in a full 32 server where everyone was spamming m60 duplex. Didn't witness any lag whatsoever.

    Also they're in it for diversity

  • 8-23-20 update

    • I like the bar attachment for ak12 so I don't need to press v every time i spawn in
    • the ppk12 convert feels like the scrap gun and not a g11 reskin.
    • new burst is what people wanted and helps the balancing of burst
    • problem now is balancing the dbv410 its a fun gun to use now, but 1000 rpm combined with 4 pellets, doing 16 damage min each, times 3 for 1 burst. doesn't sound balanced in my opinion. edit: the burst are more rapid than it was at at pf update, the burst change making it the problem of dbv410. I just dont want to see the meta changing to aa12 drum to macro dbv410 during the next pf update

  • Type 88-2 really needs a buff. It's TTK is beyond terrible and using it in any way is terrible. No attachments can possibly make this weapon viable. I am usually a master of unconventional weapons, and this one is just a good for nobody. I can't hipfire it, I can't ADS with it, I can't use it in CQC or at range, not a single use strategy is effective. I've hipfired a Dragunov SVU and gotten more kills with it than this garbage.

    Buff the multipliers, buff the damage, buff something, and then give it an alt aim like the M231 and MP5K has.

  • 8/23/20 feedback

    the burst changes I am in full support of... even though it is still a burst gun I think it will be more manageable to use compared to the current burst mechanics

  • Antifuse_00 I'm in definite support in changing the bursts as well. Right now it's like using the M1216 or whatever it is in CoD:BO II, where I somehow always fire three shells, and only then do I get charged, and fire it and then get fucked up by the other person.

  • It's nice to see you free yourself again. You have addedd a lot of novelties, although sometimes controversial, but YES, why not?

    M60 Durple Although it works well at close range, Choke is fine.
    But it is also easy to be replaced. It needs a tiny buff to make it more distinctive. The only thing I like is the color of the tracer.

    In addition, please add a "tiny" fire delay to the .410 DBV (DBV410), which can ignore the RPM to spam bullets, and the autochicker users are even more annoying.

  • Genuinely love what you've done with the game. If I'm right and you are behind the balancing decisions, at least. Everything's so broken that it became balanced. In a way, everything is viable now. It's really weird and the meta is in shambles, but I don't think that's a bad thing. And I haven't had this much fun with PF in ages. Keep up the good work.

  • I'm talking about an update from a while ago...
    Change the oil filter RPM from -15% to -20% as before.
    I'm willing to lower the RPM more.

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