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    Find the changelog here!

    (8/23/20) Find the changelog here!

  • I love conversions so much, keep it up !

  • love all the changes

    • the balancing/rebalancing of the listed conversions seems pretty reasonable.. hopefully other conversions that may need changes will receive them too
    • overjoyed to see flechette changes finally... this has been needed for a very long time and hopefully this will make it a lot more balanced
    • glad to see the R870 choke increased. the shotgun always has felt a little too strong and I hope the same thing will be done to other shotguns too where needed

  • AKU 9mm conversion requires a Buff, The main problem is the delayed firing.

    In addition, the range has increased too much, maybe you are doing this for balance,
    But it is too unreasonable. How can the 9mm range be twice that of 5.45mm, and the recoil is higher.
    In addition to delay, You can cancel the burst when you sprint so that you can only fire 1 or 2 shots.

  • make something useful

  • honestly, the all changes are nice, but the flechette nerf wasn't really in the way i would've hoped it to be. the main point of flechette is to penetrate objects, but you sort of killed that purpose by literally slicing it in half.

    i feel like a nerf to overall velocity, with a slight decrease in pellet count and damage multipliers could've worked better. i fully understand that shooting someone through the ground is broken, but that's the point of flechette, to shoot through things.

    also, the burst delay on the new AKU12 is quite slow compared to the actual gun that oscar showed off in one of his old videos. but, i don't use burst guns, so i have no idea if it's actually a good speed or not to balance things out

  • Mar the TAR Duplex Ammo, picks up ammo form some shotguns, so fix it.

  • flu_ffy 1.5 studs of penetration (for most shotguns) can still go through quite a few things... 3 studs was just way too much

  • Why not make flechette, rubber pellet, and (maybe) birdshot ammo not cycle semi and full auto shotguns? That's how they work irl and it would honestly balance the first one brilliantly. If you use a semi auto with these ammo types then you have to cock the gun after every shot, and you may have to scope out if you are using a blackscope

  • Contractor

    doublepiedavid absolutely not.

  • Mardemon1 At least with SPAS-12? People are asking for the pump function on it to be useful for something, this could be it

  • Mardemon1 I could see the pump being as fast as the semi mode, so it wouldn't be a nerf, more of an easter egg

  • doublepiedavid
    well if you were to use pump action on the spas, you would need to cycle low power shells, not the usual flechette/birdshot/slugs
    while yes this could have a nice visual sense, it would be very impractical. you would essentially be making your spas weaker in trade for a simple animation. and the spas already isn't the greatest shotgun in the game, so this isn't an amazing idea

  • flu_ffy Flechette and rubber ammo doesn't cycle semi autos irl though, so it seems like it would be kinda realistic

  • doublepiedavid Honestly, I think it would be better if the special ammos would be pump action, having a slightly slower fire rate, but the buckshot being semi. That being said, I also think that because of this, either the SPAS gets a tighter spread or more damage, cause it is already worse than other shotguns, and we're directly talking about nerfing it otherwise.

  • Banned

    i dont have enough credits

    guess what, over 75% the playerbase cant afford the new stuff in tp
    whats the point if most of the people cant even test the conversions

  • flu_ffy 3 studs... think for a second before you call 1.5 studs too little these are shotguns they dont need the pierce of the intervention and they absolutely needed this nerf not even sure if this is gonna be enough

  • Why not use the 5.45 instead of the 5.56 on the Groza-1? Both are experimental, and the 5.45 would simply fit the magazine better.

  • GhostLuke I agree completely. There's also an inconsistency with the delay so sometimes when you click at a constant speed the gun just doesn't fire, usually happens after 2-3 bursts. Really annoying.

  • I think the HBAR nerf needs to be toned down. The amount of horizontal recoil it has pushes it below the Scar HAMR. It's a shame. The whole point of the AUG HBAR was it's lazer accuracy. What does it have over the Scar HAMR anymore?

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