[GAME] 21 Questions!

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  • yes, yes, trg/l85 atm, xix, 465, aa12, zip, aa12, nothing rlly, l85, oa93 (or whichever one is automatic), aa12, world buster, karambit or default knife, 1 year ago (not sure), sort of, svds/mosin. 7 man down metro halls with m231 (got split tho :c), cant remember, koth, desert, elevation/desert

  • 1: Sadly yes on my first account, still feel dirty to camp the crane with it
    2: Yes, I had a blast
    3: I have many but hard to pick only one
    4: Sawed Off
    5: 2069 kills
    6: FAL's
    7: G17
    8: Clearly the BFG
    9: Hipfire BFG or my Meme60
    10: No one in particular
    11: SKS with stripper clips and 10 rounds mag
    12: Even if I hate some, I don't want to remove one
    13: The ZERO Cutter is the last one I have to get
    14: Banjo for obvious reasons
    15: Since Beta
    16: YES
    17: ZIP22
    18: Triple collat headshot while shooting randomly in a wall (go kicked instantly)
    19: Dying from a random grenade at the end of a 0 death game
    20: TDM, classic and chill
    21: Metro


    2: Yes, but only in gun game in a VIP server. I was not playing PF when it was in the main game.

    3: This is a hard question for me... I constantly move through guns, which can be fun to get in a certain mood and whatnot, but it also means I have many kills across many guns, instead a lot invested in a certain gun. Overall, I've been returning to the TRG-42 more and more, and I've been getting really good with it.

    4: This is incredibly easy. The M1911. No contest. I've pretty much used it with the .50 conversion since it was released (the .50) and nothing else. It makes it so I can 3sk or less at most ranges, with a decent fire rate, it wonderful.

    5: 773 kills. I kind of thought it would be more, but I usually forget they exist, and once I remember them, I spam the hell out of them for the last 3 minutes of a match.

    6: This is kind of hard. I will say the G36, -k, and -c all are terrible because of their recoil, but have decent damage. The SCAR-L gun is bad, but I think of any primary I've ever used, the two worst would be the KAC SRR, and the absolute worst gun being the G11K2.

    7: G17. It always seemed worse than the M9 to me, and looks horrible. That being said, the default Judge is the worst thing ever, and I have no idea why. It only becomes even a little viable with flechette or birdshot, but G17 is still my least favorite.

    8: Easy question, I hate dying to the gun the other person is using. Seriously though, I can't say I really don't like dying to any gun specifically. I will say I hate dying to a shotgun at medium range with default ammo. This frustrates me specifically because whenever I try to do it, it seems fucking impossible, but there's always a handful of people that seem like the shotgun gods decided to grant the gift of insane fucking range to.
    EDIT: just thought about it before finishing the last responses. I REALLY hate dying to my own gun. That is not saying I hate dying to someone using the same gun, but whenever someone picks up my gun specifically... I guess I just feel like if they are able to kill me with my own gun, I am bad and get pissed at myself. I will say I don't hate when someone picks up my gun in general, but just when they kill me with it.

    9: Meme guns? I really don't know... I can't say I've really done much memeing, but I guess I occasionally will get in a game, usually KotH, where half the server is using AA-12s, and I join in. I guess that could be considered a meme.

    10: Honestly, I want to get any of my snipers to the point of unlocking the unusual ACOGs, so I guess me TRG right now, but really any of the snipers.


    12: I gotta say, I don't really get into the whole "removing the good guns" mentality. I think a large portion of what can make guns too powerful can be nerfed in realistic manners, and they don't need to be removed. That being said, I wouldn't mind if the ZIP22 gets removed. I kind of get tired of the people that get up and proud by the number of kills they can get with it, and I guess they just irritate me.

    13: Knifing is the worst part of this game. The idea was good, and could be fixed I think, but it pisses me off when someone using a short-range melee is able to attach me head-on and somehow he is able to hit me twice and kill me before my longsword can fucking get a hit on him because of how far away he is. It's amazing how powerful you can be with a melee in this game if the other person has the tiniest bit of lag or latency and you don't. This annoys me enough that my eye started twitching while writing this response. That being said, I really wouldn't mind if they scrapped all the melees except for the default knife, as knifing is broken, and at this point they pretty much only serve the same purpose as skins.

    14: Again, the default knife.

    15: This is a really hard question. I've been playing for many years, but I really can't say when. I know CoR5 and Rush Team were the two first FPS games I've ever played, but I can't place when I started playing. I could look at my account, but I've had dozens of accounts spanning over many years, and this one is fairly recent.

    16: OMG YES. CoR5 was easily the best FPS game I've played because it was so much fun and simple. I never got angry while playing or anything. I'm hoping so hard that it will be so much fun like it used to be. That being said, I'm very disappointed by how good-looking it looks like they're trying to make it. I've also held that good graphics are a waste of time and energy, and are never needed for a good game. It's part of the reason I run every game in the lowest graphics setting, that and because it gets rid of unnecessary lag that the graphics usually cause.

    17: I really don't like dying... I guess I don't mind dying to a well-placed grenade, cause it sometimes indicates good strategy (not always, but I appreciate when it does).

    18: I was sniping with a SVDS with a suppressor, trying to be stealthy, and got a 31 kill streak with no deaths. This took place in maybe the first 5 minutes of a Desert Storm KotH round, and after someone killed me with a shotgun at a weirdly long range, I realized I didn't realize it was KotH, at which point I went aggressive PDW mode. That being said, I've definitely gotten more kills with the Hecate II in matches in less time, I just usually get more deaths, so I don't count them as being better.

    19: I usually try to forget my fails, and I really can't remember anything specific. That being said, I've definitely had many bad games, just because I usually do better with certain guns when I'm in certain moods. I usually have terrible games when I can't find a gun to match my mood.

    20: This is hard because I like certain game modes on certain maps:
    Bazaar: This is hard, but I suppose TDM is my favorite, but CTF is a close second.
    Blizzard: KotH, the map is trash and this way it is finished the quickest.
    Crane Site: If you're talking about the original map, TDM was the best. It was a fun sniping map, but now it is just a sniper cluster fuck. With the newer one, I would say a tie between CTF and Flare Dom.
    Desert Storm: All game modes are wonderful on the map because the map is wonderful. I would probably say I have the most fun with Flare Dom. though.
    Dunes: I'd say probably TDM, just because it is a fun sniping map, but I'll also say I liked the last version of the map better.
    Elevation: N/A: I hate this map and If it is ever chosen, I'll just leave the server and join a new one. It is a horrible flanking mess, and I always seem to have someone behind me no matter what I do.
    Highway Lot: Easily KotH. It's so much fun and just great.
    Jungle: Kind of hard to say. I'm not fond of the map, and I really haven't played it enough to have an opinion.
    Locker: Absolutely terrible. I don't know why but my performance is terrible on this map, and I always seem to be alone and it always seems to be a group of enemies that fucking chase or flank me.
    Luck: Terrible on KotH, but I don't mind Flare Dom.
    Mall: I love this classic map. I'd probably say my favorite game mode is Flare Dom., at least recently.
    Metro: Another wonderful classic map. I'd probably say KotH is the best, but it's hard. I will say CTF is horrendous on this map. It's hard to find a map that CTF is worse on.
    Mirage: N/A: This is one of the worst maps in the game, but not the worst, as it is at least kind of playable if you try hard enough, i.e. there really aren't any performance issues or anything in that vein. All game modes are bad on it.
    Ravod 911: Probably TDM? It feels like it used to be a great and fun map, but since they revamped it, it's like one team just always destroys the other, notably on KotH and CTF.
    Refinery: No opinion. I don't get many chances to play it, and when I do, I get so lost and far away from the action, I get kind of bored.
    Rig: Terrible map. All game modes are unplayable because the map is unplayable. I get the worst lag on this map, to the point where I can't play it. My theory is that it's because everyone is so close, as it is such a small map.
    Ruins: TDM
    Suburbia: TDM or CTF. Generally, I don't really participate in the other game modes directly, I more just go for the kills.
    Warehouse: I sometimes have fun with KotH, but not much more.
    Overall, TDM is a good, general purpose game mode, and as such, it is usually my go-to choice. I will say that I do not like Kill Confirmed.
    Now, for the truth that makes the rest of all I said before trash: INFECTION AND GUN GAME ARE THE BEST GAME MODES! Gun Game is just fun, no matter the game. It enables you to use and feel guns that you haven't even thought about forever, and to have to use it and feel how it feels is just a fun experience. I also include a non-official version with Gun Game, in which you have to go through all the guns in order. usually with attachments being restricted in some agreed way, such as no lasers, etc. Infection was the best game mode. It was INSANELY fun. I have gotten the impression that a lot of others didn't like it, and I just can't understand why, it was a new, fresh game, almost making a completely new game in PF.

    21: You might be able to grasp what maps I don't like from the last response, but it is really hard to think of what my favorite map is. Bazaar is probably one of few newer maps I can even say I like, and although I do really like it, it definitely has its problems. I'd say I would love the old Ravod 911 and Crane Site, but since they're gone, that's a no. Highway Lot is another great one, but some game modes suck. Mall is good, but not really notable. I think the last two that I really like are Metro and Desert Storm. I have more fun on Metro, but I think Desert Storm is my favorite map, since it is fun no matter the game mode. To explain further: Metro is mainly a cqc map, and it's cqc is way more fun. Desert Storm, on the other hand, is very versatile. The map allows you to play many different styles, and each game mode can also change how you play, and it's just pure fun to play on.

  • 1: I will neither confirm nor deny this statement
    2: Yes
    3: Henry 45-70
    4: Glock 17
    5: 122 (as a rank 124 this is kinda pathetic)
    6: AKU-12 and AK-12C, both are imaginary guns with mediocre performance. Why do they exist?
    7: Five-Seven
    8: M60, the vibrations make me sick
    9: My setup of Henry 45-70, Redhawk, and hunting knife; along with assorted "YEE-HAW"s
    10: M16a4
    11: Glock 20
    12: HK 21
    13: A wood handle and blue patina for my hunting knife
    14: Either my hunting knife or my well-skinned default knife
    15: I remember the sideways sten
    16: Meh
    17: Well-skinned Mosins
    18: either my 18-0 play or my 30-10 play
    19: I've gone 1-25 before
    20: Kill confirmed
    21: New Noise

  • doublepiedavid 122 grenade kills... to be fair, I forget they exist so often, I'm not surprised others have the same problem. I thought the AKU-12 and AK-12C were both guns that were based off guns with different names that were prototypes or something. I don't know exactly, but I thought they did have real-world equivalents.

  • @TheLastMan Most of the AK-12s don't. I think that the AK-12 is the only real one and the RPK-12, AKU-12, and DBV-12 have similar guns in existence as one-off prototypes. The other AK-12s are imaginary

  • doublepiedavid weird, I guess I really don't have any evidence otherwise

    1. On my old hacked account, yes, on my current account, no.
    2. Yes
    3. MP5SD/Groza 4/VPO-208
    4. Executioner
    5. 128
    6. M16A4, I can't use burst guns at all
    7. ZIP 22
    8. BFG 50
    9. HK21
    10. Groza 4
    11. M1 Garand
    12. Easily the AA12
    13. Karambit
    14. Reaper
    15. Since the start of 2018 I believe?
    16. Since i've never played any of the CoR games, not really
    17. None?
    18. Not sure
    19. Not sure
    20. Flare
    21. Desert

    1. No; by the time it was added I think I was already a higher rank than 65.
    2. Yes, and I loved it.
    3. Depends on the day.
    4. Ditto above.
    5. Just shy of 2,000.
    6. Idk
    7. Obrez, though with the buffs it's getting it may become the MP412 REX, which I have also disliked for a while.
    8. Any of the tryhard/meta weapons, especially if they're common like HK416, Honey Badger, any shotgun with flechette, or recently Honey Badger. Also literally any sniper rifle with ballistics tracker. Those can die in a fire.
    9. sipp Full Auto Saiga-953
    10. FAL's. Darkman pls love me senpaiiiiii
    11. A lot, actually. From Chauchat to Garand, or literally anything experimental. I will eat that shit up.
    12. None. I'd much rather see a weapon I like get a nerf rather than it get removed entirely.
    13. Assuming it's similar to 11, I want the KA-BAR to be added, if it isn't already under the "Hunting Knife."
    14. JKey, Crane, or Reaper. Any of those three.
    15. Since 2014.
    16. Absolutely.
    17. Any rarely used, but still good gun, like 1858 Carbine.
    18. There was one time where I had an entire on screen feed with the BFG.
    19. Literally any time hitreg fails me.
    20. Infection.
    21. Desert Storm, by a long shot.

  • 1: Did you buy the BFG?
    Nope, I unlocked legitimately at rank 65, when i ranked up with someone spawning on me.
    2: Have you ever used the Railgun?
    I wish 😔
    3: Whats your favorite primary?
    4: Whats your favorite secondary?
    serbu shotgun
    5: How many grenade kills do you have?
    like 30...? i don't even use grenades
    6: Whats your least favorite primary?
    the one I have? bfg
    the one I don't have? M107
    7: Whats your least favorite secondary?
    M9 (I'm trash with it)
    8: What gun do you HATE dying to?
    any 50 cal snipers with baltrak
    9: What gun do you use for memes?
    setup 1: zip 22 with no attachments
    setup 2: bfg with chainsaw grip
    10: What gun do you want to use more?
    the Aug A3 Para.
    11: What gun do you want added to the game?
    Type 68 (an Asian Aug variation)
    12: What gun do you want removed from the game?
    nothing really, the guns make PF PF.
    13: What knife do you want?
    Lightsaber so I can obtain the high ground!
    14: What knife do you love the most (That you own)
    karambit, mekleth and banjo
    15: How long have you been playing PF?
    like since this time last year.
    16: Are you excited for CoR6?
    17: What gun do you like dying to?
    someone else's aug
    18: What was your best play ever?
    64/7 on Highway Lot with a Hbar
    (I have matches with more kills but this is my best kdr match)
    19: What was your biggest fail?
    when i was the highest rank on my team (late 2019 when i was rank 30 or smth)
    i was the only person on my team to have a kdr above 1
    20: Whats your favorite gamemode
    KOTH. (and gun game but I guess its removed so it doesn't count)
    21: Whats your favorite map?
    Desert Storm and Highway lot.

  • doublepiedavid
    I believe that AK12BR is also a one off prototype following what was the AK107 and 109.

  • @DoxiSan From the wiki

    "The AK12BR is a fictional weapon as of current. The "BR" designation, is derived from the "Balanced Recoil" system the weapon uses. However, no existing AK-12 variant uses the "Balanced Recoil" system. A competitor of the AK-12, the A-545, the successor of the AEK-971, does utilize this system, as well as the AK-107 rifle and its variants. In addition to this, no current AK-12 variant is chambered in the 7.62x54mmR cartridge - a full-powered Russian caliber. There are, however, AK-12 variants which are considered battle rifles and similar weapons in real-life which mirror the capabilities of the weapon depicted in-game.

    The closest real-life counterpart to the AK12BR is the AK-308, a version of the production AK-12 model chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO. The 308 means the cartridge, the .308 winchester, instead of "762" to avoid confusion it with Russian 7.62 cartridges. There is also AK-308 prototype based on the AK-103."

  • doublepiedavid I mean it is renamed because of some issues? it is very close to the real life prototype weapon, AK308.

  • @DoxiSan It is called that because that is what the Battlefield franchise calls it. Same story with the rest of the fake AK-12s

  • doublepiedavid I don't play Battlefield, but well

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