(outdated) Votekick Suggestions: Electric Boogaloo

  • My last post on this topic kind of died, and I have gathered more thoughts on votekicks.

    I'm just gonna go straight into the suggestion:
    1. New syntax: /votekick:player:reason(optional)

    2. New pop-up: Shows the usual stuff, but added reason along with the accused player stats like rank, kills, deaths, time played, etc. If the votekicker decides to not give a reason, the pop up will say "reason not provided or is invalid"

    3. Better flexibility: Players can now change their vote before the timer finishes.

    4. Message pop-up: When you are about to initiate a votekick, a message will pop up on the screen with written rules of votekicking, along with warnings about what happens when it's abused. This will only show up the first time of every week when you start a votekick as a reminder of the rules.

    5. An automated system will scan the reason and reject the reason if it is not valid. Examples:

    • Gun "abuse" invalid: Shows up on the reason box as "invalid reason" on the vote pop - up. If the votekicker puts the reason as "AA-12 spam", it will be invalidated but will still start the kick. (this may be changed)

    • However, this may cause a problem with people bypassing it by putting the reason as "hacking". To prevent this, the automated system will calculate the likelihood of them cheating based on recent performance and playtime, and the likelihood will show up on the votekick pop - up.

    6. There will be a 5 second delay until the pop - up will allow other players to vote against a player, this will grab their attention and allow them to quickly read the information before making their decision, as most players press Y without looking.

    • There is a good chance that this will be a simpler change to the system because one of the problems is players not thinking much before voting.

    7. Votekick data gathering: StyLis staff will have access to other player's votekick data: how many times they were kicked, how many times they kicked, etc. This will help identify cheaters, but it won't influence the ban decision.

    8. Punishments will be more apparent: Currently, punishments are just a slap on the wrist to those who are constantly abusing the votekick system.

    You will only gain an infraction if there is clear evidence that you intended abuse of the system or have been caught kicking someone for an invalid reason. Every 2 weeks you will lose your latest infraction.

    • 1st infraction: chat banned for 1 in - game hour.

    • 2nd infraction: chat banned for 6 in - game hours.

    • 3rd infraction: chat banned for 12 in - game hours.

    • 4th infraction: chat banned for for 1 in - game day

    • 5th infraction: chat ban for 3 in - game days, permanent removal of votekick permission..

    Players who receive infractions will need to read an infraction message of which will show you your punishment, infraction info, and the rules of votekicking before being able to play the game again.

    • Future infractions will be a repetition of the 5th infraction, and losing an infraction won't begin the last punishment due to the latest one running out.

    • Also, most chat bans will run out based on play time, not real life time. This is to prevent someone from sleeping off a chat ban.

    Please state your opinions about my suggestion. I may expand this.

  • One of the better ways to lower chances of vote kick abuse but also maybe have every 10 ranks starting from 50 require one extra yes vote and caps out at 200/150?

  • I don't think this would make too much of a change. The main problem with the votekick system is there is no punishment to those who kick others, even if the votekick was wrong. [see here, the problem with the US court and criminal justice system]

    I also think there are many examples of servers that have people who aren't hacking, but the rest of the server has reason to kick them, including offensive content and toxicity, most of which is purely opinion-based. I think there is another part of the community that are die-hard fans of only kicking hackers. I think kicking those who aren't hacking, but are ruining the server, is justified, but having the punishments could mess with that, as most of it is opinion based, and people can have differing opinions. That being said, perhaps punishments could only be handed out for kicks with "Hacks" as the reason, or something.

    Lastly, I LOVE the ability of changing your vote. I hate that you can't, as well as I think there should be a base time limit on kicks. For instance, if someone tries to vote me out, I have 15 seconds to defend myself, and no less. After that, during the next 15 seconds, if the vote is below 0 or above the required amount, the vote is ended. For the record, voting would be available the whole time. This could help to end the whole spam kicks, where someone gets kicked almost instantly.

  • @TheLastMan I've added a new punishment system. give it a read.

  • Corgerus Definitely interesting. I think the first infraction should maybe be 30 min chat ban, maybe an hour. Then I think the second ban should be 12 hours, but that has the rule thing. I also think that there should be a sixth and seventh infractions. Sixth would just be a repeat of fifth, and seventh will be a whole week temp. ban. Then it would repeat off the seventh. These probably wouldn't be needed, just some of my own thoughts.

    I also think that there should be a way to get rid of infractions. Perhaps every week of in-game time (maybe more, I'm not hard-set on a week) you get a point removed if none were added in that time.

    Otherwise, I wouldn't mind this system. I think having punishments would be a great way to handle the toxic and abusive votekick system that is currently in place.

  • We absolutely need this, but PF is dying

  • When I play I don’t get vote kicked and usually ppl in my servers are pretty chill, but we all need changing vote feature.

  • Edited the post a bit. Give opinions.

  • Changed the 5th infraction to be more reasonable, with a needed addition.

  • I definitely like the idea of people potentially losing their votekick privileges permanently. That will make people think twice (hopefully) before votekicking. Also shay had mentioned a few things in progress with improvements during a livestream, but it may not be finalized.

  • Antifuse_00 good to know. I hope he at least took some of my ideas to consideration, although the devs might be trying a different approach.

  • I'm thinking about making a reason less of a requirement, but it will change the votekick process to make a reason helpful rather than a requirement.

  • Corgerus I wouldn't mind you changing that. I think the most important thing you are suggesting is having punishments, cause that is one of few ways to really change the system without changing the system

  • I have added two new changes. Give them a look.