Idea for a .50 BMG nerf

  • First of all, let's except a sad reality: the four most popular snipers in PF, in order, are the BFG, the Intervention, the M107, and the Hectate. The inter is only there because it is free, and otherwise wouldn't see as much use as it does now, but the other three are normally bought by low-mid ranks who think that they are great snipers with bad equipment. So let's cut down on these guns, particularly by making them much less stealthy.

    Upon firing the .50 BMG user will lose all hearing and radar for 30 seconds (perhaps playing this sound while recovering), while many people, especially noobs, play muted and without ever looking at the radar, this will still hurt some of them. This can be countered by equipping the "heavy earmuffs" attachment, which reduces 75% of hearing and radar all the time, but reduces your loss after firing to "only" 50%

    Along with this, you will show up on everyone else's radar for a full 45 seconds, making you more vulnerable for the time that you are deaf. Plus, the .50 BMGs could get a much louder sound effect and a much higher muzzle flash to attract anyone not using radar.

    The all the suppressor attachments for .50 BMG rifles, excluding the default suppressor and the flash suppressor(which will still have significantly reduced performance), will be removed

    Please, give feedback

  • No, we dont need ear damaging .50 BMG effects, possibly a loud crack and thats it, a second or two of lost hearing? better off with l86's suppression plus 50%

  • all hearing and radar lost for 30 seconds sounds like a bit much to me.

  • I don't think sound effects that could actually potentially damage someone's ear should be played.

  • T0x1cL It doesn't damage your ears irl, just plays a sound as if they were damaged, which many movies and some video games already do

  • @steamed_ham32
    Are you serious?
    Sure, it is objectively (in my opinion) the worst sniper by far, but people still think of it highly enough to buy it. It doesn't need a buff if it is the most commonly bought gun.

  • @steamed_ham32 yes

  • tinywasabi What about the M107?

  • @steamed_ham32 Most people reload their snipers every shot or almost every shot, so having a single shot sniper is not a real disadvantage. Even after the "nerf" M107 is still the best sniper in the game by a long shot. And the Hectate is still very common, almost as common as the M107 and about equal to R700, definitely more common than most of the "normal" snipers like AWS

  • @steamed_ham32 Then get good and learn to snipe for the head, or take the .50 BMG, but know that you will be making yourself an easy target

  • @steamed_ham32 Make them easier targets

  • @steamed_ham32 I'm mad because when there are seven or eight of them on the same map it is nearly impossible to play

  • @steamed_ham32
    I have used the M107 before the nerf, and right now, attaching an extended mag isn't so bad. The Hecate is unpopular because of its high rank. The BFG, as a rank 65 weapon, is ranked relatively low compared to other snipers (Mosin rank 91, AWM rank 82, SVDS rank 104), and it has the benefit of muzzle velocity, penetration, and 1SK torso, which is plenty of advantages for a low rank sniper that many people buy. I don't see how it should be buffed.

  • @steamed_ham32 you try flanking one, and three other ones get you

  • I don't see why the .50 BMG would need a nerf. The only thing that really irritates me with the .50 cals, and other snipers, such as the AWM, is that most have a giant crack and boom when they fire, and it sounds incredibly loud and powerful compared to other guns. When you have a suppressor, it makes a similar sound, but it barely makes a fucking sound to those around you. It makes no sense, whatsoever, and if you want to change how effective the suppressors are, I support you, but I don't think anything else is particularly bad with it.

  • This nerf doesn't make any sense. Also, 30 seconds without hearing or a radar just sounds like a way to kill the usage of the weapons entirely. What would be the point. And if you lose 75% of your hearing with the earmuffs why use the earmuffs at all? Play with 0% audio versus 25% audio. Still at an unbelievable disadvantage to everyone else in the game not using a .50 BMG sniper.

    If you'd go to the extent of nerfing a weapon this badly why even leave them in the game at all. You're basically asking to ruin the .50 BMG sniper rifles because you stay out in the open too long on desert storm.

    Also are we just not gonna talk about how my man put the Intervention into the category of .50 BMG sniper rifles?

  • Apollo I may have worded it wrong, you play with 75% audio, rather that 100%, in exchange for never going to 0% audio

    Also, I didn't put the intervention there. Perhaps you should find a first grade teacher in order to relearn how to read

  • @steamed_ham32 I use .50 cals for high muzzle velocity and penetration. It means I can hit some nasty wall bangs without any worries.

    Also, I agree that the Hectate II is not common. I think its because of its too high rank of a gun.

    Tbh I think BFG 50 is pretty balanced (Don't harass me for an opinion).

    I think people mainly get annoyed when any "low rank" player uses a higher rank gun. Generally higher rank guns are better. Imagine a rank 10 complaining a rank 100 was using an AKM when all they had is an AK12. No wonder lower rank people want to buy guns that they are more comfortable/better with.

  • I think 50 cals are fine where they are, if anything the bfg needs a buff.

  • BFG does not need a buff i use it now i wont say its op but definitely not in need of a buff and also the BFG is not for players who cant aim but for people who dont want to deal with snipers needing 2 shots anywhere other than head also penetration and extremely high velocity in general BFG is alot more fun then most snipers that cant shoot thru 5 walls and still kill