Switching to this new forum is the worst thing that's happened to this community

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    Unpopular opinion alert... again.

    At first when this new forum launched, admittedly, I was pretty excited about it. Discourse felt a bit clunky at times, and the thought of using a new engine was quite refreshing. If only I knew what was to come..

    Where do I even start with the problems this new forum has? Here we go again...

    • Stupid arbitrary profanity filter that promotes the "politically correct" movement

    • Notifications are completely broken on mobile... somehow

    • Dumb filesize upload limit that's somehow smaller than before

    You know, I could just keep going, but I'll just sound like a broken record.

    But wait! There's more! Because of this new forum, the community is split, resulting in there being a bump like every... four hours... This is actually kinda sad, I liked this community despite its small size.

    Considering the small advantages this new forum has like the ability to change your username and such, I don't really see that as a big enough reason to stay here. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm seriously considering switching to the old forum again. If anyone wants to join me, be my guest.

  • I see it both ways.

    This site is much cleaner than the old and introduces some new... usable features (though rather redundant). Though I'm starting to prefer the old site; replying to and formatting posts was much easier, notifications don't immediately show up until you click the icon, and if you leave the home page open for long enough, a full reply will show instead of "x minutes ago" for the 'most recent reply' column.

    The new site's fancy and slick, but the old site was more pragmatic and functional.

    (also i don't really care about the new enforcement of ToS, and quite frankly that shouldn't have been the first thing on your list)

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    Torush1 I put ToS first because it's by far the most mind-boggling decision they've mad thus far. There's literally no reason for them adding it and if anything, it's further proof the mods would rather censor people than allow us to express our own opinions. Hell, Sema's doing a really good job at creating a reputation for himself as someone that can't handle criticism well at all. He's been silencing people left and right, and whenever he gets mass downvoted, he atempts to hide it. Sure we had the annoying skids from the old forum that sadly still haven't been ex-communicated from humanity, but I'll gladly take that over some sensitive, reptilian scum.

    And I know for a fact you're going to disagree and assume I'm just being some over-tempered teen right now, but that's exactly what I am. And I think when someone does something stupid, I have the right to call them out. Especially when it affects others.

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    Torush1 Sorry to spam you with notifications. Well, it's not like you're going to be able to see them.

    Another thing about the ToS, the censorship is what has taken the one unique thing about this forum. And for the most part, people were mature enough not to abuse it. Now I'm basically forced to head over to the PF Subbreddit, and that's about as bad as you could ever imagine. I've had better experiences in the GTA Online subbreddit.

  • @S1mplyTheHero Honestly, the old forum was much more convenient, I dislike having to search through posts to find the new one instead of just being able to press the "New" button and whichever is the most recent is at the top. I switch between forums constantly to see what's going on so if you go back to the old one, there's a chance I might go over there and start a conversation, but no guarantee.

  • growing pains. the new forum is fine, you're just being a nerd

  • @S1mplyTheHero while i do like these fourms, it is much less ergonomic and more jagged to move around, but i do appreciate the refresh in looks.

    but this quick replay and normal reply thing is doodoo

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    There are still plenty of things being configured and adjusted.

  • StyLiS Staff

    Default dark mode means my eyes don't melt.

  • Rainsford truuuuue.

    Oh, and by the by, welcome to the 3+ reputation club. Enjoy your stay. ; )

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    What rainsford said, and also from an admin's POV; this software is so much more admin friendly. Everything is so much easier to config on nodebb, while discourse was a nightmare.

    I can actually be effective with this!

  • Navy So what about the admin stuff is easier about this forum than on Discourse? Just asking out of curiosity.

  • Navy You guys should adjust your staff tbh

    Cause you joined the website just to lock my post which broke no rules. "false pretenses" What false pretenses. You really didn't explain you just did it.

  • Navy said in Switching to this new forum is the worst thing that's happened to this community:

    What rainsford said, and also from an admin's POV; this software is so much more admin friendly. Everything is so much easier to config on nodebb, while discourse was a nightmare.

    I can actually be effective with this!

    yEAH yOu cAN effECTiVEly cEnSor peOple nOW

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    Navy okay but the old forums were better form a user standpoint.

    We don't exactly care about the admins. Hell, we don't like it when there are mods or admins here, as evidenced by the failed attempt at censorship. From toothless, not you.

  • Developers

    Heres why discourse was shit from admins POV:

    • updating it forces you to do command line updates sometimes, which sometimes take forever. (they claim "use our one click updater!!", yet you click, then its like "OOPS, you gotta SSh into your server and update it!!!!)
    • it uses ruby on rails, which is a nightmare to deal with
    • you can't configure some of the most important things without needing to "rebuild" the entire forum. Example is email server and credentials (for sending out emails)
    • it uses more memory and CPU than this.

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    mod said a bad woooord

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    Wow, within 24 hours this gained traction from 3 different mods. It also looks like they changed the homepage a bit, cool.

    While I can understand the issues with Discourse, please for the love of god, don't shut down the old forum. I'm sure we could all have a field day about how our eyes will burn out, but still, don't shut it down. I know you're going to anyway, but I still have hope.

    Edit: Cudos for adding the website-meta category to this new forum and the frontpage revamp, I will now remove that portion from my rant.

    Edit2: Lol. Looks like they already shut the old one down. Rest in piss, forever miss.

    Edit3: It seems toxicity was bumped up a notch too. I'm a contributor, sure. But I still find it noteworthy.

    Edit4: Now that the forum is being improved, I think the community aspect in general is actually what has taken the biggest hit. I'm not really sure as to how many people are actually going to switch to this new forum despite the fact that the old one is gone.

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    Lol, I just realized this post is going to age like milk. In two years when this forum is optimized and possibly dead, this post will make literally no sense.

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    Default dark mode is 😳😳