Regarding Integrally Suppressed Guns, Muzzle Attachments, and Silent Ammo

  • Granting .308s Silent ammo, and the MC51SD and Honey Badger non-integrally suppressed barrels or even suppressor swaps brings with it strange specific-case balance-related effects. For greatest effect, I will be using the MC51SD as the main example, comparing it to other members of its family.
    -Maybe it might be intended, but MC51SD with Silent ammo makes a .308 significantly quieter than the 9mm MP5SD, which is extremely strange to say the least.
    -Simply taking off the integrally suppressed barrel is generally confusing as to what purpose it serves, given no stat benefits, not even to muzzle velocity.
    -Using the specific combination of Silent ammo and the same exact muzzle attachments (save for the stock muzzles or the plain "Remove Suppressor" option), whether it be suppressor, muffler, compensator, muzzle brake, or loudener, the AG-3/G3/MSG90 and the MC51 (non-integrally suppressed) will have what sounds to me like the very same sounds and volume, meaning that any reason you have to use such a setup is simply better on the Battle Rifles and DMR version, with far less performance sacrificed at any range. Even more unusual, with Silent ammo, all main-game suppressors are louder than the MC51SD standard integrally suppressed barrel, but basically only give downsides from it.
    --This issue is compounded by the upcoming Oil Filter suppressor in Test Place, which, on any of the aforementioned guns with Silent ammo, makes them quieter than the MC51SD with its integrally suppressed barrel, even on the MC51 itself, rendering the entire gun and its central sacrifices (most closely in muzzle velocity, firerate, and minimum headshot damage compared to the G3) completely meaningless, with a 5 stud detection range over 0 studs being entirely negligible.
    -More minorly, this means the MSG90 can be suppressed just as well as the other guns in the G3 family at its likely longer engagement ranges.

    By the way, to highlight the balance of suppressed guns, the AWS already wasn't worth using over its peers going by muzzle velocity alone, but with the future Oil Filter on its peers, it's absolutely worthless, especially when the Remington 700 has access to Silent ammo as well.

    Please reconsider the statistical balance and purpose of taking off or replacing integrally suppressed barrels, differentiating G3 family sounds and volumes (including with the Silent ammo and muzzle attachment combo and relative to the MC51SD), the AWS's existence, and the future Oil Filter suppressor, which threatens to render both some integrally suppressed guns and more specialized suppressors like Osprey or Sionics obsolete in pursuit of the best suppression benefits. Thank you.