Test Place Update (7/31/2020) Feedback

  • Contractor

    	> New world models made for;	KRINKOV + BIZON + TYPE 88-2 + HK51B 
    	> Kriss Vector Changes:
    		>> Can now equip a long barrel.
    		>> Complete .22lr balance rehaul. It was pretty clear from all the feedback it was garbage (to put nicely).
    		 New Stats:
    			(+) Spare ammo set to 200
    			(+) Lighting quick reload
    			(+) Head multiplier raised to 2.0
    			(+) Aim speed boosted by 20%
    			(+) Range0 increased to 50
    			(+) Reduces ALL hipfire camera recoil by 50%
    			(+) Reduces ALL (every single type) of aimfire recoil by 50%
    			(=) Fire volume reduced by 20%
    			(=) Fire pitch increased by 50%
    			(=) Ammotype set to ".22 Long Rifle"
    			(-) Mag size lowered to 10
    			(-) Damage0 lowered to 25
    			(-) Damage1 Lowered to 12
    			(-) Bullet speed reduced to 1500
    			(-) Range1 reduced to 80
    			(-) No Suppression at all.
    	> Uzi Changes:
    		>> Long Barrel model adjusted. Proper length now.
    		>> Can equip a full stock. (Wood!!)
    	> Type 37 conversion balance tweaked. Seemed more like a downgrade than an upgrade to people who have used it, I hope to address that.
    		 New Stats:
    			(+) Range0 increased by 20%
    			(+) Range1 increased by 25%
    			(+) Hipfire camera max reduced by 20%
    			(+) Aimfire camera max reduced by 20%
    			(+) Spare rounds set to 150
    			(=) Fire volume reduced by 20%
    			(=) Fire pitch increased by 20%
    			(-) Damage0 reduced by 25%
    			(-) Torso multiplier set to 1.0x
    			(-) Suppression reduced by 25%
    	> Glock extended mags now have 66 spare ammo instead of just 33. Long requested change.
    	> Void Staff is less absurdly bright.
    	> (Hopefully) Fixed AWS sight alignment.
    	> New Melee added! 	MAGLITE CLUB
    	 By Vic
    		>> Rank 0 unlock
    		>> One handed blunt
    		>> Average overall. Small amount of sluggishness.
    		>> Comes with a light (obviously) that stays in front of you even while sprinting!
    	> Sewers
    		>> Halloween map is officially finished so it has been taken off rotation

  • Honestly, I like these changes. Especially the reserve ammo for the glock. Hoorah! I can main the glock 18 again! Well done mar.

  • Only extended mags should be their own category tbh.

  • Contractor

    AkelaStorm I asked for feedback, not suggestions.

  • K, was just saying. Other than that, love the looooooooooooooooong barrel Vector!

  • AkelaStorm same

  • Oh uh mar, pls can you take a look at my EM-2 post if you have the time?

  • So uhh

    Will the Glock 18 get a reserve ammo buff just to make normal mags NOT pointless?

    And uhh, does .22 lr for the Kriss still force it to semi?

    • I always wondered why anyone would use the KRISS Vector with .22 LR on Semi only, But now I can use Auto with it again, making it good.
    • I planned on using the Type 37, Grinding in the main game right now, The balance of this one is really good!
    • A flashlight melee, cool, We have now 4 free melee's, but Two Handed Blades does not have a free one.
    • Nice, 3D models, it always bothered me seeing the HK51B as the HK21, but the SL-8, G36K, HK416, C7A2, Judge and Executioner do not have their own 3D models yet.
    • Uzi Full wood stock, That's the one I suggested before! Wooo!! Time for a more stable Uzi!
    • The 33 ammo reserves on the Glock extended mags never bothered me, It was a sacrifice I was willing to take, but thanks anyway!

  • I doesn't like test server mini sight on Glock 18C.

    test server

    I think now is very good, no changes required


  • I heartily agree with you, KillGod666

  • all the changes seem pretty good to me.... happy to see the TYPE 37 conversion be rebalanced as in the main game currently it does not feel worth using

  • BUG report: MG3KWS and M60 didn't drop the Bullet Casings.
    Balancing nerf (M60,AUG HBAR)is a good job, but please consider or try to balance buff some guns or ammo type. thank you.

  • But I hate M60 nerf, because this is a good gun that noob can get in fast, I think it don't need nerf

  • KillGod666 yeah that's the point. You can basically whip and nae nae any team with just a M60

  • KillGod666 While most noobs can’t use the M60 to save their lives (ironically), it is devastating in the right hands. And it’s been my go-to belt-fed LMG since the MG3 and even the HK21. It’s just that practical.

  • KillGod666 ya, get rid of this, it's stupid, terrible, and bad

  • Honestly, I think that the 100-round MG-3 belt is a great addition, it should lower significantly lower walkspeed. Also, I firmly believe that the HK-21 and M60 need to have a 100-round belt attachment as well

  • heck_god CamaroKidBB All guns are devastating in the right hands LOL

  • KillGod666 which weapon is easier to use the m60 or a jkey