Ballistics tracker should cut XP in half

  • No. That's a horrid idea. I'm against players buying the BFG and BT only because it gives them kills. However, if you have the credits to buy both, you deserve to get the same amount of XP that you would get if you didn't buy it. Doing this would not balance the game at all. Most people who do end up buying the BFG + BT don't look at forums or wouldn't look enough to see that it gives them less XP. This would end up having an annoyed section of the playerbase.

    -1 this idea. :/

  • When I had a very bad laptop I had to use the ballistics tracker to "see" where people were on the map, I'm 90% sure there are people doing the same as most people playing PF have lower end devices.

  • MDT you're damn right. It can be annoying to get killed by low rank BFG BT mains but in any game there will be a bad, annoying, meta weapon. And a large portion of the playerbase are little kids, they just want to get kills. Those players see the BFG as godly which is wrong, but that will forever be the nature of the weapon.

  • Polmark I never thought of that. Would make sense if a large majority of the BT users have bad computers.

  • doublepiedavid hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

  • Yea, can we get some actually good ideas? Cutting XP in half for BT is just dumb and only like 50% of low ranks uses BT on a particular gun anyways like cutting xp for BT has no purpose?

  • I think ballisitc trackers should slow down ads time and gives more recoil

  • krizeuze I am not saying that double's idea is good, but I am over rank 120, and in all my time playing PF, I've seen less then a dozen players using a BT who are about rank 80.

  • bad idea.. why?
    because it would make the bt even more useless than before
    especially on bolting snipers
    who would use bt over straight pull or extended mag, besides sniping without the bt is easy enough as is because most gun fights happen within 400 studs so you basically aim a little higher and boom you get a headshot
    so the bt is useless alr..
    so why make it MORE useless?

  • Hey some people actually use it to learn bullet drop. And clicking on a diamond can be hard if you're a noob or if you have a bad setup.

  • SuperUUser Exactly, so while you are using it to learn bullet drop you will lose XP, encouraging you to learn drop faster

  • @House-Fight-dev It is pretty OP. It drastically lowers the skill needed for sniping. I'm not agreeing with the XP reduction while using it, but I think a much cooler idea is a range finder.

    Basically, it tells you the range of what you're aiming at. This way, it allows the distance markers on some scopes to actually be useful, but also allows there to be some skill still be required.

  • I feel like the best way to handle this is to make it locked to buying, as in you will need to get the 1.5k kills with that weapon and you cannot go the easy way.

  • tinywasabi I feel like that would just kill the attachment as a whole. It is mostly used by bad snipers or new snipers, and I feel like they wouldn't get to 1.5k kills, and even if they did, I feel like they would be good enough with it to not use the BT.