PP-19 Bizon, Type 88-2 Customization. [Phantom Forces - Test place news #36]

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    Yeah, it wasn't very long since #35, but I decided to make a new one anyway since the PP-19 Bizon was a huge deal to the community.

    PP-19 Bizon

    Kept ya waiting, huh?
    9mm submachine gun
    developed in 1993 at Izhmash
    by a team of engineers
    headed by Victor Kalashnikov.
    Small but packs a punch with
    plenty of ammo to spit. Not
    great for ranged encounters.

    Story: (Fictional)
    Mar comes in Shay and Lito's office.
    Mar: Hey, I added that cool old Type 88-2 I found in your storage Shay.
    Shay: We noticed....
    Mar: What's wrong?
    Shay: There's an angry mob outside.
    Lito: Yep, They are angry, They demand it to be replaced by the PP-19 Bizon.
    Mar: Oh is that all? Let me talk to them.
    Mar: Don't worry folks, Shay here will immediately make you the PP-19 Bizon so you can enjoy both rifles!
    Community: YAY!!!
    Mar: You heard the people, get to work.

    Weapon skin zones: Available
    Weapon sounds: Type 88-2 sounds but higher pitched.

    Weapon screenshots:
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    PP-19 Bizon stats:

    Rank: 105 Same rank as the AK105!
    Category: PDW
    Damage: 34-18
    Damage falloff range: 50-100 studs
    Headshot multiplier: (x1.40) 47.6-25.2
    Bodyshot multiplier: (x1.00) 34-18
    Fire rate: 700 RPM
    Magazine size: 53
    Ammo reserve: 159
    Bullet type: 9x19mm
    Reload time: 2.5 seconds
    Empty reload time: 3.3 seconds
    Default fire mode: Auto
    Fire modes: Auto / Semi
    Muzzle velocity: 2,000 studs/s
    Penetration depth: 0.5 studs
    Suppression: 0.5
    Equip speed: 16
    Aiming speed: 14
    Weapon walkspeed: 14.0 studs/s
    Aiming walkspeed: 8.4 studs/s
    Round in chamber: One

    Special attachments:

    Attachments available to this gun that are not available for every gun!

    • Optics:
    • Barrels:
    • Underbarrels:
    • Others:
      • Retract Stock
      • Remove Stock
      • Full Stock
    • Ammo:
      • Bizon 9x18 Conversion
        • (=) Ammo changed: 9x19mm -> 9x18mm
        • (+) Magazine capacity increased: 53 -> 64
        • (+) Ammo reserve increased: 159 -> 192
        • (-) Bullet speed decreased: 2000 -> 1600
        • (-) Max damage range: 50 -> 40
        • (-) Min damage range: 100 -> 90
        • (-) Min damage: 18 -> 16

    Extra notes about the PP-19 Bizon:

    • Can equip the 9x18mm Conversion, Check the stats above. (Costs 1200 kills)
    • This gun was highly requested after the community was dissapointed with the Type 88-2, so Shay made it.
      • I like the Type 88-2, so I'm happy we have both now.
    • PP-19 Bizon shares the same rank as the AK105.
    • The PP-19 Bizon suffers from a temporary placeholder reload animation just like the Type 88-2.
    • Equips underbarrel grips sideways.
      • When you equip a grip, your character never uses it.

    Extra discovered things:

    Type 88-2

    • Adjusted model, added a white dot to the front post for better aiming.
    • Can now equip Full Stock.
      • This will rename the gun to Type 88!
    • Can now equip Remove Stock.
    • Can now equip Long Barrel (AR).
    • Can now equip Regular Mag (Type 88)
      • (+) -15% both left + right rotational recoil.
      • (+) -15% both left + right camera recoil.
      • (+) +25% aim speed.
      • (+) +1 walk speed.
      • (+) +20% sprint speed.
      • (-) 30 round magazine.
      • (-) 120 spare ammo. Short Barrel model.
    • Fire volume adjusted.

    AK74, Krinkov, AK105 and RPK74:

    • Adjusted firing sounds, Now matches the Type 88-2 and PP-19 Bizon's sounds with different pitches.
      • It's fine that the 5.45x39mm's now get this sound, but I really loved the RPK74's sound, I will miss that one, the lower pitched RPK does not sound well to me.
        • I take this back, RPK74 with Loudener sounds GODLY right now.
    • Iron sight alignment fixed on the RPK74.

    Minor changes:

    • Desert Eagle XIX sound volume lowered.
    • Utility Knife renamed to Pocket Knife.
      • Also description changed.
        • Both requested by the original creator of this melee.
    • Buffed Mosin/Obrez 8mm ammo:
      • Now has better max damage range. (-80% to -60%)

    Want to play around with the cool upcoming features?
    Click here to play the Test Place!

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    Lito has finished the reload animations for the Type 88-2 and PP-19 Bizon!
    The reload sounds aren't finished though.

    (I'm sorry Mar, but the Full Stock PP-19 renaming to Type 88 bug is back)

  • Developer

    Spawn functionality is changed:

    • A whole new algorithm is in place, spawns will account how far enemies and teammates are to your random spawn location.
      Disclaimer: This is currently being calibrated, may take a couple days or more for it to settle and work effectively.
    • We are no longer stuck with the hardcoded limit of 10 spawns for each team, this allows map makers to have better spawn control with larger maps.

  • The pp19 has the same sounds as the 5.45 guns

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    Overall, PP-19 is more like a weakened version of the AK74U (recoil, damage, RoF) than TYPE 88, but has a larger magazine.
    My current feeling is that there is no characteristic.

    By the way, many aspects of TYPE 88-2 are available, and at least 75 round magazines are special in assault rifles.
    (I will use it extensively in "Metro")

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    Test place update:


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    New stuff coming:

    3D models for the recent and new guns.

    Mardemon1, will the C7A2, HK416, SL-8, Judge and Executioner also get their own 3D models?
    They still reuse other 3D gun models.

    alt text

    KRISS Vector long barrel

    alt text

    Oh yay, this one came from one of my attachment suggestions!
    Uzi Full Stock.

    alt text

    KRISS Vector .22 LR Conversion rebalanced!

    The x4.0 Headshot Multiplier was a typo, it's supposed to be x2.0!

    alt text

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    just remember the 4x multi is a typo, it's 2x

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    Mardemon1 Indeed, that's why I mentioned it.

    Darkman_Bree said in PP-19 Bizon, Type 88-2 Customization. [Phantom Forces - Test place news #36]:

    KRISS Vector .22 LR Conversion rebalanced!
    The x4.0 Headshot Multiplier was a typo, it's supposed to be x2.0!

  • Darkman_Bree said in PP-19 Bizon, Type 88-2 Customization. [Phantom Forces - Test place news #36]:

    C7A2, HK416, SL-8, Judge and Executioner

    G36K doesn't have it's own 3D model yet

    It reuses the G36C's 3D model

  • Goddamn I bet the long barrel on the vector will use grips properly because the angled grip just clips through the vector

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    I'll provide the changelog soon.
    Some friends want me to play TF2 first.

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    New Test Place Update!

    New melee: Maglite Club

    alt text

    • A free melee!
    • Gives off light!

    alt text

    KRISS Vector's .22 LR conversion rebalanced:


    Type 37 rebalanced:

    For those that do not know, the Type 37 is a 9mm conversion of the M3A1 found under Ammo.


    Other changes:

    • Uzi can now equip a Full Stock made out of wood.
    • Uzi's Long Barrel attachment model adjusted.
    • Glock extended mags now have 66 reserve ammo.
    • Void Staff is less bright.
    • (Hopefully) fixed AWS sight placement.

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    M60 is getting a new nerf:

    (Do note it's not final, Could get changed)

    alt text

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    Test place update!

    Too lazy to type it out, but I'll make a shortened version of the most important things:

    • MG3KWS now has a 100rd belt mag for 4000 kills.
    • M60 nerfs.
    • AUG HBAR slight nerf.


  • SlugShotSniper I likey...

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    SlugShotSniper Oh god.

  • This post is deleted!

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    A... guitar melee?

    alt text
    alt text

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