Added advanced player protection system

  • I often see many advanced players because of their excellent performance get a noob kick(It is purely because advanced players behaved too well or too many kills, then noob vote kick for them who are not hacker, and then many players due to self-interest and voting rights, non-hacking users are eliminated).

    Therefore, I hope that when voting for people above level 100, more than two-thirds of the people on the entire server press y and need to wait a minute before being kicked out. not now, now just need enough people to vote. Kick out immediately

  • Also, 100+ranks players Very few hacker, because if they are hackers, they will not be able to reach around level 100, because they will be blocked soon,so if add this system, we can countered to hacker. At same time, prevent noob use vote kick system to kick out advanced players

  • It is so annoying when I get kicked for being good at the game so I think this would be a good idea.

  • if we made it lvl 100 it would actually be better than 80

  • Imcatderp Have accepted your opinion and changed the above content

  • I often get some noob kicks when I play before too, although many people say that I am not hacker, they kicked me out very fast because too much noob

  • Imcatderp what mean of np?

  • nvm that lol

  • problem is then rank 100s can be complete ass holes and never get kicked out in chat :/

  • CCrayon I think the votekick system is basically to counteract hackers. Those who speak awkwardly please report him for improper speech, because he has no actual impact on the game so I think it can be ignored, I also understand that sometimes some people are really assholes, but not watching the chat will not affect your game, right? 😁

  • The thing is, that will encourage high level cheating

  • Polmark But the fact is that noobs often use it to counter the advanced players

    As long as multiple people report it, I think Stylis Studio will manually check it. If he is indeed a hacker, he will sacrifice a 100 ranks accounts. This will increase the cost of hackers, not only will not increase hackers, but will more effectively prevent hackers.

  • Polmark I’m Chinese, the whole world knows that China’s hacker problem is very serious, I am also involved in anti hacker affairs, increasing the cost of hackers is a very effective way to reduce the number of hackers, for detailed and effective anti-hacker methods, please visit youtube for reference, I can tell you that increasing the cost of hacking is the easiest and most effective way.

    Used here, do you think that advanced players will risk sacrificing their more than 100-level accounts to use hack?
    I think no one with a normal head will do this suck thing , so you can relieve your doubts😊

  • I voted no, just because of two reasons.
    A: If all the hackers I've seen were split into thirds, a third would be 100+. It might not seem like a huge deal, but that is a huge number. I also think that it will encourage more hacking at higher ranks. I've also seen people trying to buy high-rank accounts, and it would be interesting to see if an economy forms of buying accounts.
    B: I think there are still enough noobs to still votekick players, and you would still need to increase the number of votes needed to be quite large.

  • TheLastMan 1:But here we can see that the votekick system is often abused, we are all victims,.
    2: I just need those hack players need to waste money to buy hack and high-rank accounts, because as long as the cost increases, some people who don’t want to waste money will give up using hack

  • Although you disagree, you can see the overwhelming data from the voting data

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