Test Place Update (7/23/20) Feedback

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    	> Upon much feedback of the M16A3's changes it has been decided to revert the stats back to how they were before all the test place changes. It was apparently fine as it was and didn't need changing.
    	> Fixed short barrel placement on Saiga 12
    	> Fixed skeleton grip on the Saiga 12
    	> Lowered the volume of the (new) swing sounds of the Zero Cutter.
    	> Lowered the volume of the (new) swing sounds of the Darkheart.
    	> Adjusted inspect animation of the Darkheart, now uses more proper sounds.
    	> Further finalization of the HD bullets.
    	> Lowered the fire sound of the Uzi / Micro Uzi
    	 Wow, they were very loud and I really should of done this sooner. RIP all the ears before this.
    	> Uzi Stock no longer hardsets your zoom to 2.
    	> (Hopefully) fixed melee sliding issue with some weapons.
    	> Dragunov SVDS romanian grip now should match with the updated colors.
    	> Fixed romanian grip on the spas 12. No more softlocks. Promise.
    	> Tweaked potato grip placement. Hopefully shouldn't be stuck in the guns?
    	> Krinkov 7.62 conversion now lowers spare ammo to 90.
    	 This is just to (hopefully) finalize the balancing for the gun, and it's specialty attachment too.
    	> New Ammo Conversion: 8x50mmR Conversion
    		>> 3000 Kill unlock
    	  Gives the mosin nagant the one thing it lacked: The ability to one shot to the torso 
    		(+) Increases Damage by 34%
    		(+) +50% Suppression
    		(+) -10% Aimchoke (Obrez only) (Mosin doesn't have Aimchoke)
    		(+) -10% Hipchoke
    		(=) -5% Firevolume
    		(=) -10% Firepitch
    		(-) -86.666...% Multtorso (Mosin only)
    		(-) -29% Bulletspeed
    		(-) -80% Range0
    		(-) -40% Range1
    		(-) -20% Modelkickspeed
    		(-) -20% Camkickspeed
    		(-) -20% Aimcamkickspeed
    	> New case added: INDIE HORROR
    		> Tier 4
    		> Based off classic (typically RPG maker) horror games from the past (or present). You may even recognize some of the skins...
    	> New case added: SMRKNDEV
    		> Tier 5
    		> Dev's own personal case
    		> Kind of small now, but will be added to over time
    	> New Melee added! 	Utility Knife
    	 By DuoDeca
    		>> Rank 89 unlock
    		>> One handed blade
    		>> Extremely fast primary swing. It has no hit delay!
    		>> Low damage, and even lower range.
    	> Darkheart range lowered by a stud. 
    	 Hopefully to stop the backstab from the front issue.
    	> New Assault Rifle added! 	Type 88-2
    		>> Assault Rifle
    		>> Rank 122 unlock
    		>> Huge (75) round magazine, decent damage, decent close range damage, good hipfire accuracy.
    		>> Very poor ergonomics / aimfire accuracy. Bad long range damage.
    		>> The reload will (hopefully) be updated over the weekend, right now it's just a placeholder to represent the general speed of it. lol.
    	> Blizzard	(By Wolfdawg)
    		>> Brand new revampe replacing the old one!
    	> Angola	(By Carl)
    		>> removed upon request of the author?
    	> Dark Sector 	(By Poodros)
    		>> Added missing Col block on top of the Control Tower and optimized the map a little.
    	> Farmlands 	(By Poodros)
    		>> Moved spawns around. Added extra building at the docks and opened up the closed building behind the Watermill in order to allocate spawns more safely. Re-spread spawns and changed the Phantom Flag location.
    	> Sewers	(By Poodros)
    		>> Removed Jumpscare.

  • Oh yes, the Type 88-2!
    I'm surprised the Type 88-2 does not have access to Remove Stock and Full Stock

    Now I wonder if we will get the SVK and PPK back one day.

    The new Mosin/Obrez ammo seems good for close range shooting, but since I use snipers like snipers, I'm not gonna use it unfortunately.
    The 2 new cases, what in the world are those, lol.
    The Utility Knife seems cool.

  • I haven't gotten in-game yet, so I haven't used them yet, but everything seems really cool. I like the idea of the Type 88-2. That being said, with the clip of it, will underbarrel attachments be usable?

  • TheLastMan Underbarrels are usable, they are mounted on the side of the handguard like the P90.

  • Overall, I feel that TYPE 88-2 is like a worse COLT LMG revision now (or before)

    • I like the state of the TYPE 88-2, seems to be fairly balanced for having a massive magazine... definitely is nowhere close to overpowered
    • happy to see that the M16A3 changes were reverted; had many concerns with the changes given that it was already good in its current state
    • happy that I will no longer go deaf when using the UZI
    • the MOSIN/OBREZ 8x50 conversion was quite fun to use, however I feel like the torso range could use a buff given the current downsides of the conversion... the huge loss of bullet speed and range just seems like too big of a cost for only a one shot range of less than 30 studs... maybe buff the range of the conversions by about 20 studs or so to make worth more using

  • Darkman_Bree It’ll be useful on Obrez especially due to the sore lack of stopping power it has otherwise.

    It’ll be complete cheese on the Mosin however, lol

  • Why the Type 88-2 when we can have the PP-19 Bizon?

  • duhbustak idk maybe because they already have a model for the type 88 and haven't made one yet for the PP bizon

  • duhbustak Shay showed great interest towards the PP-19 on stream, So expect it soon when Shay restarts gun modelling for PF again, I think the M14, FALO and QBZ-97 are going to be first though.

  • Void Staff upon running while swinging(LMB) has a slightly higher delay having it appear as if your arms disappeared and immediately reappeared again most of the time.

  • Contractor

    Darkman_Bree Dev: Shows the smallest interest in something

    "Expect it SOON"

    Please stop being stressful.

  • Mardemon1 But I get paid to be stressful.

  • Darkman_Bree do you get paid in FALs?

  • heck_god
    The thing is, the type 88-2 is basically the pp bizon

  • Mardemon1 said in Test Place Update (7/23/20) Feedback:

    Dev: Shows the smallest interest in something
    "Expect it SOON"
    Please stop being stressful.

    Turns out Shay is already modelling the PP-19.

  • RobloxScreenShot20200726_211202636.png

    Please improve the original sight of the G36 family 🔬
    The visible area are too small and blocked area are too large
    (Swarovski Scope of AUG A1 is a little better, but it is also difficult to use)

  • GhostLuke So probably a suggestion:

    Re-model the scope so that the internals of the scope expand outward to create a clearer sight picture.

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