Please let players choose whether to install front triangular sight at M16/M4

  • 其實我很難看懂英語LMAO, 更多的時候我自己到底打了什麼我自己也不知道😂, 因為我看不懂,所以如果有冒犯的話還請你見諒

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  • 聽懂是一個很麻煩的事但是看懂還是比較容易的,我絕對不會承認我也聽不懂客家話(我某程度上是客家人)

  • Wait killgod what translator do you use

  • google translate XD

  • Called barely available

  • This translator is barely useable

  • I think it call can be used

  • That being said, you know know removing the front sight block on a M16 doesn't make it an AR-15?

  • RedCo I know many things but I can’t express them in English, but I still try it, if I offend, please forgive me. Removing the front sight block on a M16 you will make it no longer M16/M4, because the front sight block is the base items on M16 family when it is in XM16 to M16A4, also U.S. army still have not remove front sight block when it is using ACOG and red dot/EOT.

    As the following content is too complicated, I can't translate it in good into English, but I will translated it to english as much as possible: The triangular sight is an object that existed in the M16 (colt 601) era. Initially, it was used as a matching handle, so it was kept until M16A4 / M4A1. And because the military did not remove the triangle mirror during the service period, the triangle mirror that coexisted with the M16/M4 is called coexistence, that is, once there is no triangle mirror, it is no longer M16/M4. It is an AR15 system gun composed of AR 15 Lego with automatic/three burst launch function. You don't need to consider whether it is AR15, but the first thing is certain that it is no longer M16/M4, M16/M4 without a triangular scope will become an AR15 system gun.

  • But this has deviated from the discussion point, purely for general discussion, to some extent has nothing to do with the subject.

    However, I still call on officials to give players the right to choose whether to install the front post. First, I can confirm that I am not alone. At least 15 players want to have the right to choose, and only six players oppose the choice, and it’s not difficult for the player to choose the front post in game. Also Mardemon1 you said [I will not advance this process for one person] This sentence is not true.

    BTW now the focus of the debate is not whether everyone wants it leave or come back, now is everyone wants to have a choice in game.

    If there is a problem with my English that prevents you from understanding what I mean, welcome to point it out and I will correct some sentences that you can understand (probably)

    (Since my English is only translated from Chinese to English using Google Translate, there may be improper or impolite words. I hope you will be considerate. I apologize for this first.😔 )

  • KillGod666 in my opinion if the (lower?) receiver is marked M16/M4 at factory, then it will still be an M16/M4 no matter the modifications (unless the lower(?) receiver is swapped out).

    I agree that players should have a choice whether or not to install the front post. Perhaps there can be a "keep front post" option in the Other attachment section to keep the front post no matter what, and the cost would be that the user can't install a laser if they already have a grip or laser installed in the Underbarrel section.

    However, as I don't actually use the AR-15 platform that much, it doesn't really affect me that much.

    also, 你好,我也看得懂中文

  • Contractor

    Sorry but, no, no guys this will never happen. It's not worth anyone's time to offer this. Sorry.

  • @T0x1cL 為什麼我要犧牲我原有的東西去換取我本來應該存在的東西, 合理嗎?

    還有,三角形瞄準根M16/M4是共存的, 一旦沒有了其中一方另一方也不會完整, 不完整的M16/M4也就不是M16/M4, 那麼請說出他們跟一般民用市場的AR15系統有什麼最大不同, 保留了全自動或者三發發射功能的? 刻字?

  • Mardemon1 Your response is really good, have time to do a lot of accessories, waste a lot of time to do new model. Now, we just asking you to put the existing model into the sight setting and let the player choose. NO ONE to do this easy thing. This is me result of wasting a lot of time on the forum, I am really disappointed, but complaining cannot solve the problem.

  • Your approach will only make many players who are willing to express their opinions eventually lose their enthusiasm, so the game will be dead very fast.

    Only by respecting, tolerating and accept different opinions and voices will you make progress, but many stupid people in this world,
    they cannot respect and tolerate, and will always live in their own circles, never progress.
    It seems that the thing that worries me the most has happened

  • KillGod666 沒錯,正是有了全自動或三聯發以及刻字不同。一般民用市場的AR15系統安裝三角形瞄準根以及auto sear(不會這個的中文)以後難道就成了美國軍用的M16/M4了嗎?


    edit: 基本上

  • @T0x1cL 那麼你應該去看看到底M16/M4與一般民用市場的 AR 15有什麼根本性的分別.

    (其實最根本性的分別是因為M16/M4 接受非軍事改裝的時候他們就已經喪失了軍用制式武器的資格(叫得制式即是每一支槍是基本相同的) , 也就不能用M16/M4命名, 因為M16/M4這編號是對於制式步槍所使用的, 你都已經不是製式步槍為什麼還使用制式步槍的名字呢???其實這一段才是重點中的重點不過我沒有辦法翻譯成英文所以一直也沒有打出來)

    順便說一個笑話, 美軍會出現下身刻字寫住M4A1的M16A4, 也會出現下身刻字寫住M16A4的M4A1, 那麼當中發生了什麼事請自行思考😏

  • KillGod666

    Mar跟你不同意不会把游戏杀掉. 把sight post放回去还要有花很多时间,不是那吗简单的。他有跟重要的事情去当心关于。


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