Please let players choose whether to install front triangular sight at M16/M4

  • KillGod666 如果你想说中文我也不是不懂, 但是 M16 的准星不是M16 的定义, 毕竟M16 是全自动步枪而AR-15 只是民用的半自动枪

  • @House-Fight-dev I think KillGod666 is chinese

  • @G36 Wait, airsoft? Does he live in Taiwan or Hong Kong to play there?

  • KillGod666 said:

    ILost3Accounts Because in my residence (Hong Kong), you told others that they would not understand the front post, so I use the original translation (triangle sight), I think this is a very vivid expression, called the front triangle, I also attached a picture 13a23059-ab8b-45fc-8ba6-8068aa283471-image.png

    But thank you for your correction😊

    @ILost3Accounts he lives in hong kong

  • RedCo 其實最根本性的分別是因為M16/M4 接受非軍事改裝的時候他們就已經喪失了軍用制式武器的資格(叫得制式即是每一支槍是基本相同的) , 也就不能用M16/M4命名, 因為M16/M4這編號是對於制式步槍所使用的, 你都已經不是製式步槍為什麼還使用制式步槍的名字呢???其實這一段才是重點中的重點不過我沒有辦法翻譯成英文所以一直也沒有打出來.

    因為他接受了非制式改裝, 所以已經不能使用M16/M4編號, 就會淪為一支LEGO AR 15系統槍

  • @G36 You don’t know a lot about me XDD

  • @TheLastMan @ILost3Accounts yes I am a hong kong people, but also Chinese. Hong kong is a part of china.
    BTW I am also fucking suck in English

  • RobloxScreenShot20200817_174134420.png RobloxScreenShot20200817_174137482.png RobloxScreenShot20200817_174159672.png

    I found C7A2 can have front post with C79 by accident, I think this looks good if front post can also on M16/M4 when it have aim Sight, it can be seen from this picture that the front post is not very obstructive.

  • Aiming with front post
    RobloxScreenShot20200817_175025364.png RobloxScreenShot20200817_175014821.png

    Aiming with no front post
    RobloxScreenShot20200817_175116021.png RobloxScreenShot20200817_175107926.png

    I agree to remove the front post to help sight, but seeing from the picture perfectly explains why I said that the front post is helpful for aiming, because you can see that the enemy is just clamped in front post.
    It helps to know the distance of the enemy, I think the distance is more important than the line of sight, so I think front post existence is very important.

  • ACOG.jpg

    But the interesting thing is this is a photo taken from my M16+ACOG, from ACOG, the front post is obviously different from the game, but you can still see the complete outline, and it's actually not very obstructing sight.

    ACOG M16.jpg
    I used a similar game installation method.

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