Please let players choose whether to install front triangular sight at M16/M4

  • Please vote with your own opinion

  • In the last forum I thought I used the wrong direction to discuss so I will use a new way to discuss,I am sorry about last forum.
    In the last forum we mentioned to reply to the previous version M16, but I overlooked that some players actually like the current state,so I think letting everyone choose is the best solution.
    My suggestion is to add a new option under the existing accessory optionsm, you can choose whether to install a triangular sight without affecting existing accessories.

  • Note that the triangular sight we are talking about here is this

  • This is the front triangular sight with ACOG at last version.螢幕擷取畫面 (51).png
    Although this is a diagram of the settlement table, please don’t care about the settlement.
    look at the M16
    螢幕擷取畫面 (141).png
    This is M16 at now.

    I think there can be two different states at the same time, but the player should have choose.

  • I think stylis studios made a great update, but can you add a new option for players choose whether to install a triangular sight without affecting existing accessories.

    I understand that removing the triangular sight is the will of some players, but some players do not approve of removing it, can you let us choose?

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    nah i'm good

  • Mardemon1 Can you tell me clearly, I don't understand what you want to say

  • KillGod666 I agree that players should be given the right to choose, and I think the triangle range is very helpful for aiming. Of course, this is my personal opinion, but I think this is a good start for everyone to choose. I think it is not difficult to add new options for players to choose whether to add a triangle without affecting other accessories, so I hope stylis can give the player choose.

  • KillGod666 I totally agree with you, I think StyLis Studios should let players chose whether their M16 have the triangular sight or not have the triangular sight.This update make me don't wanna pay money on this game or even play this game. I hope StyLis Studios give players a chance to chose whether their M16 have the triangular sight or not have the triangular sight.

  • Thank you for your support, at least from the current voting data, players who want to have a choice still make up the majority, although not many people vote, so I hope everyone can help share it, let more people express their opinions about choose whether to install front triangular sight at M16/M4

    Please share it with everyone:)

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    When it came to the front post being removed I initially thought it was pretty weird. Considering I use the M16A4 and M4 on a semi-frequent basis. However I have no problem with it. It helps with the sight-line as you don't have a front-post blocking the lower half of the sight-view anymore.

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    Lemme be more clear on this, I have spent nearly 3 to 4+ years hearing the same thing, "just remove the front post" from nearly every user in the game regarding the M16 / M4 line. Mounts were not liked no matter how they were handled. The vast majority outweigh your personal preferences. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • But the truth is here is the voting data show more people want to have choices, so please just give us choices
    At least from now, 70% of people want to have a choice

  • Mardemon1 when front triangular sight deleted then it is no longer M16/M4
    When you lf you insist on remove it, and don’t give the player choose,you just need to change the name to AR15,I'll just shut up

  • Wingz Unfortunately I don't agree, I think it helps to aim, now i can't aim the target correctly.
    Anyway, probably from here, 70% of people want to have a choice.
    I know you love M16/M4, so i think you should know where is the different at AR15 and military use M16/M4

  • Mardemon1 At least the data here is not my personal preference. And I still use the same arguments as the previous forum


    Please refer to the following website for detailed arguments:

    I want to ask as long as many people ask you to do something wrong, will you just do it?

    at this case remove front triangular sight just wrong at M16/M4, and you do it, strictly speaking, you are obeying the wishes of most people. You read it right, but are this is a right thing on M16/M4???
    BTW you just can still do the right things, JUST GIVE PLAYERS CHOOSE, by doing this you can meet the wishes of [most] people, at the same time, you did not do a wrong thing. Because you still provide the right options
    Why you don't give player choice?

  • Mardemon1 But I still think stylis should give we a chose. Don't just remove the frount sight to satisfy most player what they want. That will lose the old player and make this game become bad.

  • UNCT remove away is not a problem, we need chose, those who don’t like it can be removed, those who like it can be retained without affecting the existence of other things, this is the best way

  • KillGod666 Listen. I love the idea of more options, and being given more choices. That being said, I completely agree with Mar. NOBODY wanted the front sight not too long ago. Mar gave the people what they wanted, and boom, others hate him for it, or at least hate the change. I say this because I believe what he did was completely justified and reasonable. Now, there has been a new option called "Sight Settings" which would be perfect for this. On the M16A3, you could equip a sight and there could be an option "Front Post."

    I also just want to say that since we can change sight settings with colors, we should be able to have a "Glow" option that can both change the brightness of sights that are able to be changed, if they are equipped, but also allows you to choose if an iron sight has glow or not.

  • @TheLastMan I very much agree with your suggestion is new option called sight settings, because this way you can without affecting existing accessories to let players have choices, It is a very good choice to have the front triangle sight and color coexist.

    [Solving problems is always easy, as long as everyone has a choice.
    The cause of the problem is usually caused indiscriminately.]

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