Type 88-2, AKS-74U, PPSH 35rd mag, Attachments & more! [Phantom Forces - Test place news #35]

  • It has been since March since I made a new news post, but now some new cool things got added!


    (Aka the AKS-74U)

    An AKS-74U Personal Defense
    Weapon firing the 5.45x39mm
    cartridge. Fires much faster
    than the standard
    Kalashnikov automatic, and
    reloads at lightning fast
    speeds. Krinkov is the name
    given to extra short barreled
    AK's in the USA market.

    • The description contains a few typo's which are fixed in my version above.
      • "lightning" is spelled as "lighting".
      • There are 2 dots (.) after the word "cartridge"

    Story: (Fictional)
    While Lito is hard on work, Shay is modelling again, but not for CoR.
    Lito: Hold up, I thought we we're working on CoR?
    Shay: Yes?
    Lito: I don't recall the AKS-74U being in WW2 Shay.
    Shay: Oh, it's for Phantom Forces.
    Lito: CoR is our priority now Shay, and also, the community won't be happy with another AK.
    Shay: Oh they will be, Remember my gun vote? The AKS-74U was really popular.
    Lito: Fine, go ahead.

    Weapon skin zones: Available
    Weapon sounds: AK sounds but even higher pitched than the AK105.

    Weapon screenshots:
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Krinkov stats:

    Rank: 88 Same rank as the RPK74!
    Category: PDW
    Damage: 37-18
    Damage falloff range: 32-160 studs
    Headshot multiplier: (x1.40) 51.8-25.2
    Bodyshot multiplier: (x1.00) 37-18
    Fire rate: 735 RPM
    Magazine size: 30
    Ammo reserve: 120
    Bullet type: 5.45x39mm
    Reload time: 1.9 seconds
    Empty reload time: 2.5 seconds
    Default fire mode: Auto
    Fire modes: Auto / Semi
    Muzzle velocity: 2,000 studs/s
    Penetration depth: 0.9 studs
    Suppression: 0.6
    Equip speed: 16
    Aiming speed: 20
    Weapon walkspeed: 14.0 studs/s
    Aiming walkspeed: 8.4 studs/s
    Round in chamber: One

    Special attachments:

    Attachments available to this gun that are not available for every gun!

    • Optics:
    • Barrels:
      • Long Barrel (Pistol)
    • Underbarrels:
      • Hera CQR Grip
      • Romanian Grip
    • Others:
      • Retract Stock
      • Remove Stock
      • Full Stock
    • Ammo:
      • KOV 7.62 Conversion
        • (=) Highly decreases firing sound pitch.
        • (=) Magazine model changes to AK47 style magazine.
        • (=) Ammo changed: 5.45x39mm -> 7.62x39mm
        • (+) Fire rate increased: 735 -> 785
        • (+) Max damage increased: 37 -> 43.5
        • (+) Min damage increased: 18 -> 23
        • (+) Max damage range increased: 32 -> 48
        • (-) Min damage range decreased: 160 -> 140
        • (-) Muzzle velocity decreased: 2000 -> 1800
        • (-) Reload speed decreased.
        • (-) Worse recoil and hipfire stability.

    Extra notes about the Krinkov:

    • Classified as a PDW like IRL.
    • The rank conflicts with the RPK74, which in the spreadsheet was planned to be pushed to 87.
    • Krinkov's rank actually conflicts with a future new weapon (QBU-88)
    • Equipping iron sight optics will remove the top part of the handguard.
    • Equipping underbarrels will remove the bottom part of the handguard.

    Extra discovered things:


    • New One Handed Blade melee.
    • Rank 150
    • Makes an ambient scary sound even when just equipping it in the UI.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text


    • Can now equip the Full Stock.
      • Equipping it will change the name to KS-23!

    alt text


    Changed stats:

    • (+) Max damage increased: 32 -> 34
    • (+) Max damage range increased: 145 -> 160
    • (-) Min damage range decreased: 80 -> 50


    Changed stats:

    • (+) Ammo reserve increased: 42 -> 60

    Romanian Grip

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Skeleton Grip

    alt text
    alt text

    Potato Grip

    alt text
    alt text

    HERA CQR Grip

    alt text
    alt text

    35rd Box Mag

    alt text
    alt text


    • 1979 kill requirement.
    • Much like the AMT-Terminator, it makes you aim sideways.
    • Gives off light like a flashlight.
    • Now you can have 4 Flashlights on the MP10 at the same time! Maximum brightness!!!

    alt text

    Oil Filter

    alt text
    alt text

    Other minor things:

    New Osprey Suppressor model

    • Supports 2 skin zones!

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    New M1911 Laser models.

    • Does not include Tri-Laser, That's still the same.

    alt text

    New retract and collapsible stock models!

    • Only for AK47, AK74 and AKM!

    alt text
    alt text

    • Super Armor Piercing ammo now increases Penetration Depth by 4! (Was 3)
    • New map: Angola
    • Removed map: Crane Site Re:Revamp
    • Removed map: Asylum
    • RPK and RPK-74 skinzone fixes!
    • PPSH-41's grip attachments now actually effect recoil.
    • Fixed SL-8 iron sight mount.
    • Fixed G36 canted sight positioning.
    • Fixed SKS optic mounting.

    Leave feedback to Mar by clicking this link! (Reddit account required)

    Want to play around with the cool upcoming features?
    Click here to play the Test Place!

  • very fash shooting/reload speed gun


  • Hell, since Mar gave the 47, 74 and M a proper collapsible stock, I can finally recreate this blueprint from MW alt text

  • New collapsible stock for the AK47 only:

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text


  • M16A3 and M16A4 changes coming soon:

    alt text

  • New scope coming!

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Darkman_Bree already my favorite scope.

  • Dragunov SVD coming soon! As a conversion!

    alt text

    Dragunov SVDS changes!

    alt text
    alt text

    Dragunov SVDS can use Short Barrel!

    alt text


  • Test place update!

    New melee: Noobslayer

    • Case unlock!
    • Two Handed Blade!
    • Unique ambient sounds!
    • Deals 666 backstab damage!

    alt text

    Oil Filter stats rebalanced:

    alt text

    Added new Global Offensive Scope!

    • Acts as a 10x Sniper Scope available for all primary guns!
    • Has an alt aim where the magnification becomes 5x!
    • Fine hair crosshair!
    • Reduced aiming walkspeed!

    alt text
    alt text

    • PPSH Obrez barrel, 35rd Mag and Removed Stock combo on the PPSH-41 now increases less movement speed. (Stays under 16 now instead of 16.8)
    • Dragunov SVDS changes:
      • (+) Can now equip "Full Stock".
        • Renames the gun to Dragunov SVD!
      • (=) Model changes like iron sights and stock!
      • (=) Retracted Stock model adjusted!
      • (=) Skin zones adjusted!
      • (=) Colors adjusted!
    • AK47 changes:
      • (+) Can now use VPO .366 Buckshot and Slugs!
        • Also like the AKM, it renames the gun to the VPO-209!
        • More damage than the AKM, but more recoil!
      • (=) Remodelled collapsible and retracted stock models!
    • M16A3 changes:
      • (-) Max damage range reduced from 50 to 40!
      • (-) Min damage range reduced from 160 to 150!
    • M16A4 changes:
      • (+) Max damage increased from 34 to 35!
      • (+) Headshot Multiplier increased from x1.4 to x1.5!
      • (-) Max damage range reduced from 50 to 40!
    • Krinkov changes:
      • (-) Min damage range reduced from 160 to 132!
    • Zero Cutter changes:
      • (=) Added new swing sound in a reference to a game it's based from.
      • (=) Removed Chosen One humming sounds.
      • (-) Brighter neon light.
    • Darkheart changes:
      • (=) New sounds.
      • (=) Blade range adjusted.
      • (=) New inspect animations.
    • Zweihander changes:
      • (=) Weird new voice sound added on the ending of the inspect animation.
    • Hera CQR grip changes:
      (+) Can now be equipped on:
      • Honey Badger
      • AG-3
      • G3
    • Fixed Hera CQR grip on the AWS and AWM!
    • Fixed Romanian grip on the SAIGA-12!
    • Fixed Krinkov description!
    • Fixed 1858 Carbine canted sight placement.
    • Fixed shell ejection from:
      • P90
      • Alternate ammo's (hopefully)

    Leave your feedback here!

  • Shay uploaded a video showcasing new models for the bullet cases, its on #roadmap

  • ILost3Accounts Omg, I'm curious, I have barely time to be online now.

  • alt text
    alt text

  • Darkman_Bree happy awp noise

  • Darkman_Bree So basically Obrez can finally be somewhat viable as a secondary up close? I’ll take it.

  • New unknown case.

    alt text

  • Case from above revealed:

    alt text

    Also another new case:

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • ILost3Accounts We are gonna get DMCA'ed for this

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