Team advantage.

  • So, I'm pretty new to PF. I'm only around rank 70. However I noticed that the Ghosts team has a complete advantage on almost every map, even the newer ones like Elevation. It makes it incredibly easy to camp and kill Phantoms right as they spawn, especially on maps like Ravod, Metro, Desert Storm, or Crane Site. It makes it really hard for Phantoms on these teams sometimes. I also noticed on Luck how the gamemode changes the map, like TDM vs CTF, and Ghosts even have advantaged there. It makes the game unfair for the average/lower average players on Phantoms team, I think this should change if possible. (I played on Crane Site again before posting this, I was on Phantoms team and we were getting camped within the first 20 seconds. Like tfhgvjbknlmfgh)

  • I'll definitely say that one team is always destroyed on CTF: Ravod, Metro, and Crane | KotH: Ravod, Crane | TDM: Ravod but that is how I see it. Desert Storm seems always pretty even for me, unless the team-balancing doesn't work, which it rarely does in my experience. Bazaar was also pretty bad on KotH, as a single team could easily camp the hill and win like that. I have not played this recent update since Roblox is somehow broken for me, and if I remember correctly, it was revamped.

  • ghosts get stomped on highway

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