I'm kinda a new player, (started playing in mid-2017). What I have learned.

  • I started playing PF in mid 2017 and stopped playing around early 2018. I guess I stopped playing because of my natural disinterest of ROBLOX over the years but recently I had gotten the urge to start playing again. I hopped on a few days ago, and I had thought about two things:

    • The M107 is frequently used by alot of people. I hate this gun with a burning passion. Its literally the BFG, but with a higher RoF. (There were a few new wepons added too! Although, I was only


    • There are a shit ton of better players now. I've gotten my ass kicked in for the short time I recently played. I don't know if its average players with OP weapons, or good players with good weapons but I was kinda doing my thing (just sitting in the middle of the leaderboard.)

    Honestly, there is no point to this post but I just wanted to put out my thoughts.

  • I've always been confused by people who are surprised that, after years, the wide majority of people are very skilled. I feel like it is the evolution of just about every game that has multiplayer like this. The large skilled community usually then jokes out the noob community, basically restricting the growth of the game. Some games, like Minecraft, can have a revamp, where the amount of those who intimidate the newbies leave or aren't as prominent anymore, encouraging newbies to come back, but that really only happens, that I've noticed, when the game is fairly unique or it is able to hold on to enough of its community when it starts to grow again. It's why it irritates me that I was the only one who managed to predict the regrowth of Minecraft, but when it started to grow and I basically said "told you so" and they said I was lying. It is a kind of pattern that seems pretty obvious to me.

    BTW, this isn't really about you, you just kind of mentioned how many good players there are in your second point.

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