[Bug Report / Very bad change] Superjump with X is broken?

  • Superjumping with X now has this 1 second delay after pressing X, and doesn't even work half of the time? Why is this? I tried Z instead of X and that works normally. But reaching Z with my ring finger is very annoying and I have long gotten used to X.
    Is this a bug or an intentional change? Superjumping seemed to be working normally just a few days ago, and the game was update a week ago?

  • I've noticed this too. Not the delay, but sometimes it legit won't work. I don't know if this is human error and we just time the buttons wrong or press them in the wrong order but, I don't know.

  • Really?
    I've always used z lol

  • Banned

    Fido i got used to sliding with c

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