a fix suggestion for shotguns and Fps advantage

  • Why don't you take some ideas form other games to fix shotguns ,like csgo they fixed it by making the spread of it the same every shot .
    Also for fps advantages cant you make the accuracy of a gun in two parts spread and recoil ,the recoil is always the same but the difference is the spread ,more spread less usable in lrqc and high recoil means harder to master .
    Just a suggestion i know its very likely very hard to implement but who knows ,for cor6 .Would like it for pf tho

  • not saying copy csgo but try to get ideas form other games ,you've got cor6 coming up ,prefect it before launching it .

  • I know you said the whole CS:GO thing as an example, but I personally don't like that because it is so incredibly unrealistic. That being said, you then went on about recoil and spread, but what I don't understand is how changing them would really impact fps, if by fps you mean frames-per-second.

    If anything, I think there are two things about shotguns that irritate me in the game:
    A) They have too much damage at too far a range. I kind of liked how PF is more realistic than most games, obviously a game with guns in it can only be so realistic, but I feel like they did a decent job of it, but it always irritated me how they make damage drop-off. A bullet can somehow go a short distance giving the max damage, it goes a little farther and does less damage, gets to a certain point and all damage drop-off stops. On most guns, I don't feel like it is too much of an issue, but when it comes to a shotgun, it really falls short. Instead of treating it like a shotgun, in my opinion, they are treating each pellet like a bullet, and I personally feel like the most interesting way to nerf shotguns is to completely cut damage at a certain damage, and up to that point is a constant drop in damage. Obviously certain ammo types will change this, but things like birdshot will actually have a shorter range, which just makes sense.
    B) I kind of hate how aiming in the game works. Shotguns (it used to be this way, and I still think it is the same) are somehow more accurate with a tighter spread when you are ads. That is the worst feature I think is in PF, and I just don't see the advantage of having that feature. It is like you put a choke on it every time you sight in. Furthermore, another aiming thing in the game I find irritating is how there, as far as I know, is no "effective range" on guns. No matter the range, the bullet goes exactly where you want, if you account for bullet-drop. IRL, effective range means how the distance where the gun is still adequately accurate. This can rely on the ammo itself, such as the BFG50 vs the Hecate II, or the length of the gun itself, such as if you compare the 1858 New Army to the 1858 Carbine. Combine the lack of effective ranges and limited damage drop-off makes enough guns too good at ranges that they really shouldn't be, and I feel like were other guns don't benefit from them that much, the shotguns benefit the most.

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    PF's spread and recoil system is completely based on springs. It would be exceptionally hard to change a system that solely relies on the functionality of springs.

    And not to mention PF has been in development for 6 years and 5 of those being open to the public. It's not practical to change a core mechanic this late into development.
    (Also CoR has this already solved in it's implementation, but it's not directly compatible with PF.)

  • just a suggestion ,trying go help .Tbh should've been aimed at cor6.
    Edit:also is the shotgun idea implementable .it would lower their op'ness .

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