How to post images. (Guide)

  • You must have noticed for months now, Picture uploading is broken...

    alt text

    Annoying right? We can't upload pictures... Yeah...
    Sorry, we'll have to wait till it's fix... wait... How did I upload that image you are asking me?

    Alright then, I shall show you how to upload images again in posts.
    For this you'll need discord, but I assume you already have it, Almost everyone does.

    Step 1

    Upload your picture anywhere on discord, I would recommend creating a private server just to upload your images on.

    alt text

    Step 2

    Right click the image and click "Copy Link"

    (I turned my Discord from Dutch to English for this, thank me later)

    alt text

    Step 3

    Go back to the forums and open a reply / post, Click the "Picture" button.
    This will put some new text in.

    alt text

    Step 4

    Normally after you clicked "Picture" in Step 3, "Image url" will be autoselected, Now just paste with CTRL+V and you should be done.
    If you unselected by accident, just select "Image url" and paste over it.

    alt text


    You have uploaded a working image from discord to the forums!

    As you see, This text in editing:

    alt text

    Will turn into this:

    alt text

    Enjoy, and remember!
    A FAL a day keeps the enemy away!

  • Now, this is epic.

  • Thank god we don't have to use Imgur anymore

  • well still cant Change my profile pick : /

  • Right, this is how I sent a image before I saw the picture upload, lol
    Well I didn't see this until when I'm posting this, but this is the technique I used.

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