Buff Hecate II

  • Hecate doesn’t actually have much recoil as far as I know because of it’s weight. Also, the Hecate II has a predicted effective range of around 2800m IRL which is near three times more than the Serbu BFG-50 IRL.

    1. I think you should decrease the recoil by quite a bit
    2. I think you should decrease the drop by a bit and make it so it starts dropping much later (later than most, if not all other snipers)

  • I don't personally know about the recoil, but much like the BFG, by the time I load a new round, the recoil has already dissipated. Bullet drop I think I have described on one of your other topics, but long story short, effective range doesn't necessarily mean bullet drop, just accuracy. I personally feel the bullet drop currently is acceptable, but I wouldn't say lowering the bullet drop would be a horribly bad or unrealistic thing.

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