Nerf the BFG 50

  • I think you should add more recoil and decrease walking speed for the BFG 50 just for the realism and also, I think the BFG 50 shouldn’t have as much range as guns like the Hecate II (increase drop over range). This is because in real life, the estimated effective range for the Serbu BFG-50 almost three times lower than the Hecate.

  • I do not think the BFG should be nerfed at all. The only nerf I could agree with would probably be an increase in rank to unlock it. That being said, you talk about realism, and I feel like I need to comment on it.

    First, you talk about adding more recoil. I won't say it is or is not realistic, but at the end of the day, the BFG is a single shot. By the time you load another round, you won't have to worry about the recoil anymore anyway, so I don't think it is an effective nerf, if you're truly trying to nerf the BFG.

    Second, you talk about decreasing the walking speed. This, I feel, is probably acceptable. There are a lot of heavy guns in PF that I doubt anyone could run as fast as they can in PF. That being said, if you decrease the walking speed of the BFG, I feel it is only fair to decrease the walking speed of the Hecate II and the M107, as they are more-or-less kin of the same family and should be treated as such, but they have more ammo too, so there could also be an argument to make them even slightly slower.

    Third, you talk about increasing the bullet drop, specifically because of comparing it to the Hecate. Now, there are a few problems with that. Primarily, if you're talking about realism at all, I feel like you need to acknowledge that in real life, in most places that can be compared to PF maps, you really wouldn't see much of any drop in the first place. Mirage is a probable exception. Now, when you compare the BFG to the Hecate, you also have to look into the fact that they do not use the same ammo. As far as I am aware, the BFG just uses normal .50 cal ammo, while the Hecate uses precision .50 cal ammo. The difference? Normal .50 ammo is meant for .50 machine guns, not to be precise and accurate. The Hecate, on the other hand, uses ammo that was created with long-range precision in mind. This is shown when you say that the Hecate has a three times larger estimated effective range. Effective range does not relate to the bullet drop of a round or gun, rather, it relates to how accurate it is at that range. At a far range, outside the BFG's estimated effective range, a BFG and a Hecate can hit the same target, but while the Hecate might be in a 5in diameter circle, the BFG might be in a 20+in diameter circle (don't quote those numbers, they're just there to prove a point).

    What I'm trying to say is that the BFG really shouldn't really have more bullet drop than the M107 or the Hecate, especially any that can be seen on most PF maps. That being said, if you were to say to make the BFG less accurate than the others, I would be more likely to agree with you, but I still feel like the differences should be unnoticeable on most PF maps.

  • remember this from old forums
    LycOz the bfg is fucking trash and you too dumb to realize it
    seriously it takes forever to reload, forever to scope, and has a slower walk speed than a 95y/o grandma
    you opinion is stupid and invalid and the bfg is trash and easy to counter
    so take you 2 braincells outa here

    • average



  • heck_god Isn't it kind of full auto already?

  • LycOz Why try to conceive a BFG nerf when the Hecate and M107 exist?

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