Why i would quit Phantom Forces at any moments

  • 1#Most of the games i would get 55+ ping but in PF i would get 14k+ ping for no apperant reason i even lowerd my graphics yet nothing happened all i could just do is find a server whit little ping mostly 70+

    2#Some players would call me cheater for just being good same applies to my friend who's been kicked by my team because they think he's hacking plus i even tried explaining them that he is in an alt but none belived in me

    3#Toxic players would be in every server's i join whit them saying like "Stop playing the game your just trash" and "DUDE stop hacking your just a noob" (my alt has been said like something like that most of the times)

  • 1# my ping is fine so it probably has to do something with ur Region or just with ur WiFi
    2# and 3# yes those People exist but i Always just ignore them cause i know they are idiots or Little kids

  • Not gonna lie, I completely understand, I experience everything you said, but to a lesser degree because I play around 10 games or less a day to try to limit my exposure to those irritations. I do this because I tend to have anger problems, for example: I was playing Arsenal and got so mad and decided to punch my screen, instantly destroying it.

    1. we all feel that dude. It's mostly on ROBLOXs side however what you describe could be your own fault and problem

    2)3) ignore those morons. Rejoin lobbies it happens to the best of us

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