Add a quest system

  • Please add a quest system because its was hard to rank up in the game (my personal experience). There is 3 different quest devs to add into the game 1.daily quest: this quest will have 3 quest and daily quest will reset until 24 hours for the reward could be a credits or exp for example:kill 20 enemy, reward: 100 cash/ 1000 exp 2.main quest for each level you reach: this quest is more harder than the daily quest.each level will have 3 main quest and you will get more main quest if you level up for the reward its can be credits or exp for example:kill 30 guy with a melee weapons, rewards:500 cash/5000 exp 3.event quest. This quest will apears if there an event at phantom forces. This quest will have 1 or 2, for the reward it can be a credits or exp or skin or a melee weapon. This quest will expire if the event ends . Example: win 10 infection gamemode ,rewards:1000 credit/15000 exp/a skin for a weapons/melee weapons . Thats its i hope the dev will add this system. And im sorry if my english is bad

  • I have a completely different outlook. I think it is rather easy to rank up for maybe the first 50-75 levels. Especially at the beginning, you get really saturated with guns, but I like it when it starts getting harder to rank up, because you can have a chance to go back and try guns you didn't try before. Now, although I do disagree with the difficulty to rank up that you mentioned, I do think a quest system would be cool. I have that opinion simply because, a quest that I think should exist every day is a gun-quest. Right now, I'm over rank 120, and I love trying to get as many kills as possible with guns I'm not good at, just as a personally challenge. I also don't like how some people seem to forget that some guns exist, and that gun-quest could be a cool way to do it. But I do have some problems with how you see the quest system:

    1. I think upwards of 100 cash for a quest is too much. It is another easy way to gain money, and with being able to sell skins already, I don't like how much more money will be available. For it to work, I'd either want to not have selling skins be a feature, or halving both values.

    2. The exp. I don't think having generic exp values is a good thing. (by generic exp values meaning everyone with that quest gets the same amount of exp) Instead, I think that it would be cool if it was fractional. Now, this could be a little bit more complicated, and I hope I can explain it well. Basically:
      Daily quests have a difficulty of 8 | Each quest is judged by difficulty to be a difficulty of 1, 2, or 3 | Each gives 1/8, 2/8, or 3/8 of exp needed for next level
      Main quests have a difficulty of 4 | Each quest is judged by difficulty to be a difficulty of 1, 2, or 3 | Each gives 1/4, 2/4, or 3/4 of exp needed for next level
      Event quests have a difficulty of 6| Each quest is judged by difficulty to be a difficulty of 1, 2, 4, or 6 | Each gives 1/6, 2/6, 4/6, or 6/6 exp needed...

    I should mention that for event quests, there is a chance that a quest will give you a full level. That being said, it will be an incredibly difficult challenge, kind of like winning 50 rounds in a row or something. For the DQ and MQ, you will always have three quests, with one of each difficulty. When it comes to EQ, you only get three. The first will be a difficulty of 1, but the second and third are probabilities.
    For the second, there is a 5% chance of getting a 6, a 25% chance of getting a 4, a 40% chance of getting a 2, and a 30% chance of getting a 1.
    For the third, there is a 30% chance of getting a 6, a 45% chance of getting a 4, a 17.5% chance of getting a 2, and a 7.5% chance of getting a 1.

    I should mention that, although the exp scales by current level, credits do not do the same. Instead, I think those should be a static value that depend on the difficulty, such as the lowest, a DQ of 1 giving 25 credits, while a MQ of 3 gives 300 credits. See how they change by difficulty, but not by the player's level. I think this is purely because of my own experience. I had my first account years ago, but I always bought everything I could. This meant that I would saturate my gun supply early on, and leveling up, even mid game (75 -100) became very boring. I eventually started a new account where I rarely ever bought guns or attachments, and it gave me respect of the concept of earning it. That was before you could sell skins, and having another method of income, I think, would make it too easy to make the same mistake I made, so I think it should be limited, if only a bit more than you mentioned.

  • TheLastMan Very long comment but I appreciate for the correction i will edit the reward to a dev choices and others but i need to wait at least 3600 second to edit, once again thank you for the correction

  • hans and fritz No problem. I think a quest system could be a great addition to the game, and so I try to be critical to try to polish it a little.

  • Lito said that the challenges stuff is on hold because of problems

  • ILost3Accounts Likely that framework reconstruction that Raspy is in charge of right now + CoR development.