Can we talk about the coronavirus for a fat minute?

  • I'm scared. At this point, we all should be. There have been reported confirmed cases in Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, the US, Thailand, the UK, and in my country, Australia.

    From all that I've gathered, this form of coronavirus (because it's a freaking sub-category of viruses) infected a human after mutating from an animal. I've heard it be a snake and also that it could have originated from a seafood port in Wuhan. Point is, it is now infecting humans and it is being transmitted person to person.


    ^ Drugs don't work or haven't been proved otherwise. A vaccine is being worked on at the University of Queensland (Australia) but that isn't expected in 4 months at the earliest.

    It's concerning that people are being temperature checked despite that these symptoms take roughly 10 days to show. It looks like the virus doesn't transmit if the host doesn't feel these symptoms, but that's only speculation on my part. A lot of people believe that the Chinese government is also sugar-coating statistics to keep people calm, lying about the number of infected cases in the country. It's not working either; video has shown a man resisting as a group of paramedics attempt to keep him in an ambulance.

    Some news reports assure that most if not all people who have died from the virus were over 60 years old, the youngest being in their 40s. I've watched a video where they claim that those people mostly had pre-existing conditions where their immune systems were already weakened, making it virtually impossible to fight off the infection.

    This is looking to be a pandemic very soon, especially when reporters compare this to SARS and the flu. It's very contagious and can take lives. Apparently the death toll is around 3% of infected patients, but can we trust that? There's already rumors that China's government is lying about these kinds of figures. While it seems ethical, we shouldn't be living like this is nothing and that it should die out. We need to know how incredibly serious this is and could be so we can take necessary precautions for our own health and the well-being of others.

    It's very concerning, and it's something we simply cannot write off yet.

  • The Kung Flu

  • There's also reports in France, But no reports in Belgium yet.
    I'm also concerned about this virus, I always had a feeling that I'm not gonna die of old age.

    Let's hope we ACTUALLY get a cure for this, They know it's getting wild so they should be looking into that.

    What if it mutates where it restarts the brain, making zombies.

  • Darkman_Bree Forgot to include France, which is a HUGE mistake because that was the result of someone in China faking being healthy in order to flee the country amid the outbreak. This is a very widely entertained reaction to the virus and it's really scary that these people are so inconsiderate of others to do this.

    We're not really hoping that a vaccine is developed ASAP, but rather that the virus DOES NOT MUTATE, 'cause that's gonna be worse case scenario. I've learnt that it's a virus that reproduces in the lungs and can be contracted by contact with infected surfaces, inhalation of the virus, and it's been discovered that it can come in through the eyes as well. We're lucky for two reasons:

    1. The body's immune system CAN fight of the virus with anti-bodies.
    2. The virus is genetic (uses DNA to reproduce), so that gives it less of a chance to mutate. Note that mutation occurs when the virus makes a mistake in reproducing, which is minimized by the host's body which will attempt to fix these mistakes.

    The mass spread could have been contained with quintessential hygienic practices such as washing your hands. However, Wuhan and many other parts of mainland China handle this very poorly. Hospitals don't have soap and staff are under-equipped to ensure their well-being when treating patients.

    It's said the virus started at a wet market in Wuhan, and it's absolutely disgusting what they do there. Because they don't use disinfectants; they simply wash blood of animals down drains. In a lot of parts of the country, people are handling meat without gloves and people actually poke and prod the meats to determine whether or not they'll buy it.

    What was most concerning about all this was that China has VERY big celebrations at this time of year. Yes, there's Lunar/Chinese New Year, but there's also the Spring-coming Festivals (name says it all). These are very widely practiced celebrations and I recently found out that a friend of mine went to Hong Kong with their family, possibly to celebrate there. Luckily, Hong Kong is virtually independent of the rest of China. When SARS came out for the second time in 2009, Hong Kong was the only place in China taking temperature scans, using soap and gloves, etc.

    From what I've heard, many if not all festivals are being cancelled which is good, but apparently, around Wuhan, there was a big banquet where people ate from the same dishes to try for a world record AFTER THERE WAS A CONFIRMED CASE.

    This is probably why we're safer than first anticipated, but there's still the risk of the virus mutating. The fact that we're getting reports saying that the virus is picking up speed in terms of transmission isn't too bad when you factor in the hygiene of China, but this is nonetheless a virus we should still be concerned about since mutation is very much a thing that may happen.

  • Banned

    Wash hands
    Keeps your food stored properly
    Dont linger around wild animal
    Refrain contact with people who recently travelled to affected regions

    You should be good.

    Just your standard health and safety warning, nothing to worry about my doods


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    And never, ever, ever stopped
    Deadly contagious
    And inter-generational
    Never ever, ever stops
    And never ever gives a fuck"

  • Promising news; potential cure found.



  • Torush1 Well, that's a fast cure.

  • Implementing It after Human Trial should be fast, but you can never trust China

  • Banned

    It's made in China, give it a month and it will be gone.

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  • Fuck i just realized even though im not chinese, my school is 70% chinaese, fuuuuuuck

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  • ._. Better than ww3
    Just need the virus to kill iran
    And I'm not worried bc idc about anyone or anything dying
    Tbh if it's as bad as ur saying atleast 2 people related to stylis will die I'm expecting more

  • Coronavirus reached a university in Ohio, causing them to quarantine the entire uni

    oh god oh fuck why Ohio and not Cali

  • Because ohio is more remote? there is less chance of spreading, if it got to california, such a population dense area, it would spread like a wildfire throughout the uS

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