Test place feedback (5/29/20)

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    Change Log

    Leave your feedback over the new additions here!

  • Already made a post on it, here is my feedback copied from https://forum.stylis-studios.com/topic/501/test-place-update-5-29-20
    Here are my opinions on it.

    -AA12 was already overpowered and the long barrel just buffed it, it would be okay if it was either the drum or the long barrel but the both of them combined with flechette is just devastating. I would suggest a nerf for the AA12, give it the handling of the M107.

    -The DBV12 has way too much ammo in the magazine for new conversion. its damage may be weak but people just lie down and spray hallways with it(as usual). however it is really fun and not too strong.
    -Canted Acog is really cool but on the Colt LMG the carry handle blocks half the view.
    -AK103/AK105/AN94 changes are really cool and fun.
    -RPK Drum mags?

  • I don't have much feedback to offer regarding the Test Place changes, but I really do appreciate that community feedback posts are now a thing.

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    ExKaySeedy thank u

  • No feedback but a general recommendation for the test place :

    Wouldnt it be good if everyone had unlimited credits in test place so you could test everything ? Of course those credits wouldnt be transferred into public server.

  • LarriLux

    That used to be the norm but I can think of plenty of reasons for why it was disabled...
    You can however spend your own credits in the Test Place without repercussion as the changes don't transfer to the main server and revert upon leaving.

    Though it would be nice for all test attachments to be free by default, but I'm sure that would be problematic since they would need to be modified to be the correct rank when the update is pushed to the main game.

  • Usually people who can't afford to buy new things don't have a good enough grasp on the game and all of its weapons to give valuable feedback on them. I seen lots of people running around test server without testing attachments, just playing normally not having any idea about what happened

  • This post is deleted!

  • Mardemon1

    Alright, here it comes:

    • Canted ACOG Scope, I don't know what I have to say about that, It feels so weird to have.
    • x8 VCOG is nice, Thanks for that, It will go right on my MSG90 until it gets an exclusive scope.
    • AK103 and AK105 changes are alright from what I've heard, I don't use them that much.
    • Thanks for listening what I said with the Colt LMG 7.62x39mm attachment, Also, I thought it was 7.62x51mm NATO, hehehe.
    • The C7AK has been born!
    • AN-94 7.62x39, I never use that crappy gun, so I don't know what to think about it, Gosh I hate that gun.
    • Canada Case, I mean, more cases are nice.
    • AA-12 long barrel, people are saying it's too OP, but they forget how it reduces the max damage range, making it become weaker at shorter ranges, So it's fine to me, I rather equip a Muzzle Brake.
    • DBV12 Burst attachment, OH BOY, Now this is UNIQUE! And surprisingly relaxing to use, although I find it actually quite too OP.


    • I'm starting to think the update is being dragged a little bit, it's taking a while for it to release, the last content update was in April 1st, Is this update getting close to finished?
    • When will the Type 88-2 enter public testing phase?

  • I personally love the new test place update.

    -The spas buff is absolute fire, even if it's just faster, it's so much better.
    -The DBV12 conversion is a bit iffy to me though, as it really just feels like a stronger ratshot. I'd suggest raising the pellet size to 6 and to in some way compensate for that, by lowering the magazine size to 15 or 10.
    -The Colt LMG conversion looks really fun, even though I haven't tried it out yet. I will later.
    -The AK103/105 updates seem pretty neat, as well as the AN94 conversion.
    -The canted ACOG is honestly a really nice idea. If you're using a gun with low recoil, you could have a close range sight, (reflex,mini,delta,etc) and then have a canted ACOG if you need to shoot at longer range targets.
    -More heavy attachments would be cool. As we already have a DCL 120, which is a heavy sight, we could maybe get larger and heavier magazines? Both of these could help reduce recoil, but obviously put a heavy, big magazine behind a large kill count wall.

  • Darkman_Bree You see that the damage number decreases but in reality your pellets are closer together so likely more pellets will hit increasing range while with a 20 round drum does it really matter how much a shot deals? the only reason the AA12 is not completely overpowered is its range limitation

  • Contractor

    Quake1 spread is not effected with the .410 bore conversion.

  • Mardemon1 i never said that. i criticized the AA12

  • Mardemon1 Waaait...

    Does the .410 Bore conversion increase ammo capacity while using 20rnd magazines and increase the ammo pool by 50%?

  • -The C7A1 with the Bundeswehr sight is missing the front part of the sight (at least on the long barrel)
    -The 1858 Carbine grips and grip railing is not correctly positioned.
    -The Tommy Gun could use a new sight placement because if you put the right attachments half the screen is just blocked, especially when sprinting.
    -In general considering there is a crap ton of attachments the game offers I think the kill count should be lowered as even myself almost a lvl 300 it would cost me just under a million credits to get every attachments (looking at you optics) and I am using every weapon evenly.
    -The G2 Conversion on FAMAS at least on the loadout screen has the mag clipping with the default mag (some other guns in the test server visual mag changes clip into the old mag)
    -The Shotgun ammo on the SKS and AKs should be balanced similar to the SAIGA12 as they are slightly underwhelming to use.
    -I believe some pistols and auto pistols should be buffed because the only ones people use are the L5, Five Seven, M45A1 and the Tec-9 with the occasional high rank with an XIX.
    -A lot of Iron Sight optics I believe are ready for release to the Main Game.
    -Make more optics more viable as the only ones people seem to gravitate to are only the Reflex and Coyote.
    -Consider using Barrel and Muzzle attachments separately make more unique loadouts.
    -If possible and it may be a stretch but potentially having the ability to move optical attachments anywhere on the railing would be an interesting dynamic.
    -On the MP10 the Flashlight Off ''attachment'' does not disable it on the loadout screen leading to confusion.
    -The Ballistics Tracker on SAIGA 12 should get a new location as it does not connect to the gun if it doesn't have a custom iron sight optic equipped.
    -On the KS23 the Muzzle Brake, Compensator, Flash Hider, Loudener and Muzzle Booster aren't fitted on the weapon, they are just floating in front of the barrel.
    -Rubber Pellets could use a buff, probably making the spread tighter as NOBODY uses them.
    -Beowolf ECR with 5.56 is too overpowered could use a nerf.
    -In the Canada Case the Disruptive Camo should be replaced as it resembles CADPAT from Uniform case too much.
    -7.62 on the AN94 could use a Range Buff maybe increase damage from 24 to 25.
    -The M107 unlock level should be replaced with the WA2000 as the M107 is way more desirable to the WA2000.
    -Beowolf TCR should receive a buff as it is just a downgraded Scar SSR.
    -7.62 on the AR-15s are well balanced in my opinion.
    -Loudener on the Honey badger does not really increase the noise of the gun instead just makes the gun noise a little bit more bass boosted.
    -AA-12 Long Barrel... the Gun is powerful enough as it is, does not need Long Barrel or at least with a bigger downside to the LB.

  • Ehlextrix EDIT - Also the Short Barrel on the 1858 Carbine makes the Canted Irons float

  • The new AA12 long barrel is amazing! It makes the gun more realistic, and more like real life and a buff of the gun was necessary. Not being able to combine a long barrel and a drum mag will be highly unrealistic, and it won't make sense at all. The aa12 needed this long barrel since without it, it takes literally 20 bullets to kill someone from 70studs away. Giving the aa12 a handling equal to the M107, will also be highly unrealistic, but minor handling changes due to the extended barrel will be realistic. I feel like RPK drum mags aren't needed since it already has 45 bullets, and if you want more, there are other guns like a scar with a drum mag.

  • Turtle_Master179 But isn't the AA12's firerate faster IRL?

  • Darkman_Bree Yes, the AA12 long barrel is fine, the people who are mad about it are complainers, even when the AA12 long barrel just adds more features to the game, and the range without it is literally a whole drum mag from only 70 studs away

  • @OTs-12 Yes it is, but the firerate in game puts some balance into it, if not people with ars wont have a chance in cqc. And in real life the range is way farther.