Nerfing the M60, ideas

  • Ideas for nerfing the M60

    -Make it have more horizontal recoil to stop people from sniping with it as if it was a laser


    -Make the magazine have 50 rounds with the current mag being offered as a high level extended option(reload speeds adjusted)
    This would theoretically result in people spraying less with it and due to long reload time and being more conservative like with the MG3

  • It already had damage nerfs recently. There's no need for more.

  • ExKaySeedy those were reverted, you didn't pay attention. instead its penetration was decreased from 3 to 1.8
    a damage nerf wont stop the main problem which is how accurate it is while being a 3-4 hit kill in every range and having a 100 round belt.

    Decreasing the ammo cap but putting in an extended mag to restore that nerf would make the people not so upset because you can afterall unlock the 100 rounds. however everyone who doesn't have it unlocked wont just spray down the entire map

  • Quake1

    Well if you don't want people to "snipe" with it, the answer is simple.

    Decrease minimum damage and/or damage drop-off ranges.

    I am of the opinion that low ranks ought to have access to slightly "over-powered" weapons as "training wheels", so I'm against further tampering.
    Frankly speaking, the majority of M60 users are too inexperienced anyways to pose a serious threat.

  • ExKaySeedy i disagree. the AK12 is perfectly good, MP5K is perfectly good, M4A1 is one of the best guns in game and the Colt LMG is already a more noob friendly lmg with huge mag and faster reload than the M60. It is not noobs who use the M60, it is everyone because it is way too overpowered

  • I have the same opinion of the M60 as I do with the BFG 50. Everyone complains when someone uses it because they are good guns, not overpowered, but good. I personally hate the recoil of the M60, and as such, use other LMGs. I also feel that the only justifiable nerf of the M60 would be to its recoil, but I still think, much like ExKaySeedy said, that low-levels should have access to good guns early on.

  • Quake1

    I don't think anybody who uses the exaggerated phrase "way too overpowered" is the best judge of things.

    The AK-12 is rather lacklustre/basic without burst, and I've yet to see anybody within its targeted demographic use it on that setting.
    Same thing with the M4A1 - and on top of that, it's a six-shot kill at the end of its range.

    And regarding the dichotomy between the Colt LMG and the M60, I'll let the in-game descriptions speak for themselves.

    Colt LMG description:

    A squad assault rifle based on the AR-15 platform with a heavy barrel, large shroud and 60-round magazine. A jack of all trades, with a slow reload.

    M60 description:

    A heavy American belt-fed machine gun. Fires slowly and accurately with high damage, but must be reloaded via a lengthy process.

    While it's true that within a certain timeframe, one may be easier and more effective, but in the long run, I'd say they both even out.

    Alternatively, I think handling can be nerfed so that it can still fulfil that role but have a more balanced panoply of advantages/disadvantages.

  • ExKaySeedy i say you are right. i was exaggerating it the wrong way. The fact is that you are technically right but in practice it quickly falls apart.
    when a low rank gets their hand on the M60 they do it because they don't know how to fight the rank 100+ dude who also runs around killing everyone with a weapon that is so far from their rank, for example a high rank with a kriss vector or just snipes with a M107.
    A low rank won't pick to their preference, they will pick the best weapon available. Why you think the BFG 50 is so popular despite high ranks calling it the worst sniper?
    A damage nerf is not needed in my opinion but a magazine capacity nerf would make sense totally especially if it can be unlocked to restore that.

    As far as i know the damage nerf on M60 in test server got reverted because of public outcry

  • "Public outcry" that didn't even happen in the first place, you mean.
    10 bucks says that the first guy to complain about it was either a M60 main, or a 9 year old who's crying now because he can't abuse the M60 anymore.

  • chels Or because with the 5-hit kill, the M60 would literally be trashed by every single LMG in the game at range when it comes to TTK, including the HK21 which is better than the M60 in every way save for recoil, and the MG36 which handles better in every way, and if the M60 5-hit killed would be a far better ranged option.