The Feels Megathread

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    Welcome ladies and gentlemen, but mostly gentlemen. To the feels megathread.

    This is the feels megathread, a continuation of a thread we had in the old forums, one that was quite popular at that. So I'll give you the rundown if you're new here.

    What is the Feels Megathread?
    A "safe space" on the forums, if you will. You can share whatever you want here. But try to keep it on topic.

    What is it for?
    This thread exists just so we can talk about our lives outside of the internet. Happy things, sad things, hardships, triumphs, or just the day to day mundane. Pretty much all is welcome here. I encourage you to talk to others about their situation, trust me, it helps to just have someone listening.

    When can I join in?
    Anytime! Talk about your problems or help others with theirs! Just try not to be judgmental, we’re all humans here, and everyone has ups and downs, or makes mistakes. You don’t help people work out their problems by beating them up over them. That being said, do keep in mind criticism is not the same as cyberbullying.

    And that's really all there is. If you want help with life or just advice, or you want to share something, leave a comment.

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    Torush1 Well fuck my knees that's new,.

  • This is epic

  • rip old site I will miss the topics

    but literally nothing else that old forum was shit lmao.


    And finally bigger PFP's on this website, so much better!

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    Apollo At least on the old site JPEGs would look anywhere near attractive.

  • Need some answers.

    Should I combine all month's entries in one post or spread them out over the next few weeks? There is some hyuge tea recently so hype for that kind of. Starts from November I think? Maybe October, can't remember.

    Also, Should i link back to the old entries ir repost here?

    One more thing, what's the post haracter limit? Or is there none? Should I repost the entries ir is that too much?

    ^ or just a tl;dr for each month, maybe a dropdown thingy if it's on this site too.

  • Torush1 im not very sure about the character limit. if there is, i think it would be the same as discourse (which i do not remember)

    i think it's good to post them here over the course of the next few days, but before that, archive them in a word document or something just in case toothless decides to change the domain completely without notice

    im not so sure about the dropdowns

    i'll try find a list of the various things we need

    EDIT: nope, nothing. toothless needs to add a pluglin first

  • Torush1 with the amount of time that's passed, it's probably best to summarize it a bit and upload them seperately, especially if theres a bigger story that unfolded that needs to be told.

    Basically like a text based TV show.

  • What_Evans Untitled Feels Posts Vol. 0


    With the invention of the new website, I want to take the opportunity to rework how I structure these posts, similar to how Torush1 has his diary series.
    Before I'd just make a rambling post talking about whatever was on my mind and throw it on there. Now I'm going to try to give it a bit more thought and structure to make it easier to follow, numbering each "volume" sorting by sections, thinking through my words more, etc.
    Mainly I'll be seperating by "chapters" so you can follow a specific story or topic that your interested in.

    I also want to expand into more topics beyond my love life because I feel like this thread devolves into "we're all lonely please help" a lot of the time, and theres plenty more to talk about. I definitely want to talk more about my short films, drawing/art, writing, etc.

    I'm also going to try to reply to people more. You can post all you want about yourself, but the other half of the Feels Megathread is to respond to others and try to help each other.
    This thread is about communication and listening.

    Finally, I'm going to try and be less specific with what I say unless it's necessary to the story. I feel as if I over share some information and I'm not too comfortable with some of it.
    I want to keep nicknames, details, and other such things to a minimum.

    Without further ado...

    Chapter 1: General Thoughts and Updates

    My life has been rather strange feeling since I've really delved into it. For the past few months, I've been mostly dealing with the new school year, especially leading our schools stage crew. It's been an interesting experience learning how to be a leader and how to get the shows done. Last year I was the one who would listen to the director and what he wanted, sometimes giving some suggestions, but now I'm the one completely calling the shots and it's all up to me.
    It's been fun and I've formed good connection with all the kids, but it's also been a real struggle especially with my social anxiety and self doubt. At times the idea of coming there have made me depressed, but I need to go through things like that to learn, especially if I want to direct film when I'm older.

    I've generally been focusing on my writing and especially art. I've been trying to grow a following with what I draw, getting it out there and trying new things. I want to improve my style and especially drawing people and bodies.
    I need to take my mind off of other people and I need to learn to accept and love myself.

    I'm trying to acknowledge my social anxiety, and self doubt so I can work on them. I know I'm not the most social, I know I'm scared of doing a lot of things and scared of being out going, but I know I can change to be who I want to.

    Chapter 2: Love On The Line (Call Now)

    This section will be short, because it's only been a few days since my last update on the topic and not too much has happened, but there's still some stuff I want to atleast vent about.

    So in summary of where I left off on the last forum, I've been seeing and going on dates a girl for a while. This Sunday we went out to go see a movie together, and the night ended with a kiss that I personally felt very embarrassed about. I also expressed my fears and anxiety with getting closer with her; being scared she won't like me, won't accept what I do, and not accepting/understanding my social and mental issues.

    Since then, we've talked a little bit. She didn't mind the kiss and was anxious about it herself. She was okay with me and everything. I'm feeling a lot better about it overall.

    The only other big thing that has me worried is how often we talk; she messages slowly. which is fine, it's her life and I don't expect her to always be waiting for me or by her phone at all times (she also does homeschooling and doesn't have proper mobile data so there are times where she just can't be on her phone).
    But the wait times have been really really long since Sunday, entire days passing without a reply. I want to give the benefit of the doubt and I'm trying to just be patient, maybe she's busy or something came up, but I also don't want to just be blind and fool myself, I've been there before and I don't want to do it again.

    Sometimes I'd love to sit for a while and text her, but it's difficult and it worries me.
    If she is trying to push herself away from me, I don't want to make it harder on myself hoping for something that isn't.

    It's whatever, I can't really do anything about it but wait and find out.


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    Checking if a reply bumps threads.

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    What_Evan she wouldn't lead you on if she actually likes you. And since she didn't mind the kiss, well... we know the answer to that.

    Just be patient, trust me I know how it can be. But do not make the mistake of turning her into the one focus in your life. With that, she becomes an ideal, not a pperson. Thinking about her without her being there distorts your view of her. It always does. So try not to. It makes the times when you are talking to her all the more precious.

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  • Very interesting, this site

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    Well, it looks like it's happening.
    My mom has been hinting that maybe we'll end up moving out by May to another apartment. Who knows? Maybe she'll be happier without my stepdad? Maybe she'll start interacting with me like an adult? That would be nice.

    Also my stepdad still has a prejudice against video games for some reason. So he typically has some wise-a*s comment to say whenever I'm on my Switch. Sadly, this means I'm going to miss him that much less now.

  • friend and i wanna do a cover of a song
    i did vocals
    but it's screaming
    my mom
    walks in
    fun time indeed

  • What_Evan

    That's actually really cool how you're taking up a leadership thing, handling pretty big responsibilities like that. Fighting self doubt is tough, but I'm glad to see you're doing really well to be "calling all the shots" like that. It's that trust in the self that really fortifies the foundation of... well, anything really. Kudos.

    However, love on the line doesn't sound great. I know that feeling. It sucks real bad waking up some mornings to nothing and being utterly disappointed. Except I've never been in a relationship with someone... just texting as a friend... that's for this January's entry ;)

    Anyways, if her response times changed after the kiss, there might be a problem. That correlation is pretty strong but it could be that something else in her life changed as well. I wouldn't ask about it. Confrontations like that would only make things awkward and worse. That's really all I can say I guess. Your hands are tied in the situation.

  • it seems a lot of people here started making some form of journal/diary. I'm glad to see this happening.

    I guess people make journals or notes for themselves so that they can lay down all the ideas and thoughts they have, and then think it through. or to simply just let off some weight off the shoulders

    in about a month's time it would be a year since I started my own journal. needless to say, I think it's helped me improve as a person

    I legit hope it's the same for you guys Torush1 What_Evan

  • Hellcat5 Maybe it's just the timing of it that has me thrown off the most.

    That's fair advice, I don't even realize when I'm doing that at all. Good thing I have stuff to write and draw to keep me busy, thank ya.

  • Torush1 Its been one of the bigger things of this year so far, especially knowing that my failures will affect other people rather than just myself. I want to put on the best shows I can and I want people to enjoy it. Thanks, I really appreciate it.

    The biggest thing that has me worried is the correlation of it. Other than that, it seems like she had fun, she was happy to be around me, had plenty to talk about, didn't mind the embarrassment and seemed cool with it.
    She is involved with theater (separate from my school) and there are auditions for a show going on, so its possible shes busy dealing with that, but its still suspect overall.

    I'm taking Hellcats advice and just going to wait it out, I don't want to confront her or anything.