The beginning [Call of Robloxia - Test place news #1]

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    And so it shall begin.
    The first Test Place News for Call of Robloxia.

    Keep in mind that the game is extremely unfinished right now, but you can hang around when you want.

    Also, I posted this in Off Topic because there is no Call of Robloxia catagory yet.


    Currently the only map you can play on is Crane Site Revamp from the Phantom Forces test place, This is very likely a placeholder while everything is being polished.

    alt text


    The M1A1 Thompson and the M1911 are available to be used, with high quality animations!
    You cannot shoot the guns yet, but you can walk around with them, reload them, aim them!
    Note that there's 0 sound aswell.
    You can aim to cancel reloads aswell, just like left clicking in Phantom Forces.

    alt text
    alt text


    Everything feels extremely smoothly animated, Do note that everything is still W.I.P.
    You can jump, aim, crouch, go prone, look around and reload!

    That's it basically.
    Expect things to change as the game is extremely unfinished!

    If you want to play the Call of Robloxia Test Place, Click this link!

  • I like the movement style

    feels kinda like BB and MW mixed together

    Very snappy and clean

  • Darkman_Bree I wonder if there’s going to be a gunsmith-esque customization system.

  • CamaroKidBB I know, I personally hope that this new game doesn't even have guns; instead it has parts and you can assemble them and get the gun that you want, rather than the one you are given. Like, I would prefer if you unlock an "M4a1" at rank 0, but that's it.

    As an example here are the M4's stats:
    Lower: (AR-15) Standard (only option)
    Upper: (AR-15) Standard (other options may include the BRN-180 upper and a .50 BMG upper, or meme options like the can cannon)
    Barrel: (AR-15) 14.5" (can have any length between 7" to 24", set to increments of .5", an integrally suppressed option can exist)
    Bolt carrier: (AR-15) Standard (light weight, heavy)
    Caliber: (AR-15) 5.56x45 (.223, .50 beowolf, every ingame pistol caliber, .22 lr, .300 BLK, .410 ga, perhaps 6.5 grendel and the AK calibers)
    FCG: (AR) full auto (burst, semi, and 4-position)
    Handguard: (AR) Quad rail (A1, A2, MLock or Keymond, carbon fiber)
    Stock: (AR) 4-position (6-position, PDW, Full stock, empty, perhaps blade brace)
    Gas block: (AR-15) Front sight (only other option is the minimalist block)
    Magazine: (STANTAG) 30-round (10, 20, 45, 60 [coffin or drum], 75, 100)

    Other things that may be added are charging handles, bolt and mag releases, a few pistol grip options, and different trigger shapes.

    This may seem like a lot, but remember, no guns are being added, just these parts. Also, there will be more stats in this hypothetical game that will never happen, such as weight and ergonomics, which can make high-cap mags more of a pain for the user than anyone else.

    Folding/collapsible stocks can be folded/collapsed with the "z" key

    Barrel overheating is a factor.

    One may choose what he carries in his loadout, so he can avoid carrying a secondary in favor of three extra magazines, or he could have both, but move significantly slower.

    Now, this is just the AR-15 pattern weapons, most guns wouldn't have this level of customization

  • doublepiedavid bro a m4a1 in ww2

  • heck_god says who it'll be a ww2 game

  • doublepiedavid

    It's literally a CoR5 remaster.

    sAyS wHo It'Ll Be A wW2 gAmE

    Also we don't need that much customization. You need to remember the majority of Roblox's playerbase are children and it would be too complicated for them.
    And while it's easy to sit back and be an armchair developer and brainstorm ideas, you're not fully aware of the challengers of working on games. Implementing a system like that draws a lot of time from developing other aspects of the game.

  • Darkman_Bree

    Would be nice if animations of this caliber made it to PF eventually as well.

  • doublepiedavid Now imagine that with WW2 firearms. There weren’t very many modular guns back in WW2 (or even before the 1980/1990s), so to customize them beyond paint, they’d have to be extensively modified for, say, a Garand to accept an M1928 Thompson foregrip, or a BAR to accept a Nydar reflector sight, or a Mosin to accept a Vampir NV scope.

  • Developer

    This place is actually out of date, this was to just test the capsule collider (Custom humanoid physics) faik. It's likely this place won't be updated.

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    Raspy_Pi Oh, Well...
    There will be a CoR test place right?

  • Developer

    Darkman_Bree Eventually. I don't have any hint on when. But I'd imagine there will be with all things considered.

  • A Bree test place forum post? Aw shit here we go again

    This actually looks cool and I'm glad they're following through with this game. I cannot wait to grind this game out.

  • to all you people who wont shut your asses up about the m1 grand
    this is where we WILL get it
    with the amount of votes from that old poll thing, and shay saying that it didnt fit the time period or whatever, it has to be here

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    First gameplay video:

    Does this place have any public link?
    If anyone has it, I would appreciate it, thanks.

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    heck_god Cries in can't play.

  • This post is deleted!

  • still no drum for the SAIGA or the RPK

  • ExKaySeedy wrong topic m8