I dont even know anymore... Please help

  • 1#Explosive's:Claymore,Flash-Grenades,Molotov's,

    2#Equipments:Medi-Gun,Riot-Shield,Grapling-Hook,Thermal -Googles,Extra-Mag,Protective-Vest,Binoculars

  • I think the riot shield, thermal scope, protective vest, and extra mag are probably the only practical items. The medi-gun could be added, but since hp regen is already there, I can't say I see the point.

    The rest I think could be overpowered by nature, useless, or could cause a lot of lag

  • I don't think PF's map design supports big movement equipment like grappling hooks or movement denial options like molotov cocktails and claymores.
    Binoculars seem a bit pointless when most scopes do the same thing. Besides, spotting is more than good enough for tracking players at a distance, same goes for Thermal goggles.
    Body armors/vests have been requested since the beginning of equipment, possibly earlier. Having an inherent survivability advantage over players without it would be a hellish meta unless some other completely busted equipment can rival that kind of advantage.
    The medi-gun is a... unique choice to say the least. Constant pockets on camping snipers would bring absolute hell upon a good majority of maps.

    The only real thing I see having leverage are extra mags, flashes, and possibly shields. Granted, mags can easily go into attachments and shields could be a secondary weapon.

  • I think that it would probably be hard to implement the thermals and claymores would just make it easier to camp. Other than that and the medi gun the others look good

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  • please stop
    we will never get explosives or equipment in pf
    so stop
    if you want them play something else ok

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