Better votekick system

  • im pissed the amount of times ive been killed because i use a certain kind of gun and been kicked for being afk, yes afk. make it harder to kick players above level 100. like make it require 13votes instead of 9 . even just 2 extra votes can prevent me from being votekicked for no legit reason.

  • Although I have also been vote kicked multiple times, and have gotten very mad over it, I don't know if adding more votes required is a good solution. Occasionally, I'll be playing a game where an enemy is able to look through the walls and kill people. A hack that is hard to see if they're on your own team, and as such, the hacker's team might not vote against them. With the current amount of votes, you really don't need more than a single team to vote most of the time.

    Perhaps an alternate solution is you have to be over rank 80 to initiate a vote kick in the first place? I don't know if that would work either, but I just don't see your solution as being overly practical in the game, even if it only applies to players with rank 100+

  • @TheLastMan

    Setting such a high bar for being able to votekick would not be a good idea.

    Others have suggested that a system where the reason for the votekick would need to be displayed (possibly making it harder to kick simply for being a good player or using a certain weapon).

    There's a lot of discussion in this thread.

  • ExKaySeedy I was more just trying to brainstorm. The problem I see with showing why someone's being kicked is if someone is willing to votekick someone else for using a certain gun, why wouldn't they just say that person is hacking?

  • @TheLastMan

    They could, but people are often reluctant to kick for hacks unless it's obvious to them.

    And besides when it's only one person screaming hacks it's less likely the rest of the server will be convinced.

    It's still possible for a server to kick a player for whatever reason they please and just select an arbitrary reason on the votekick, but adding a reason requirement would be a good buffer.

  • I do agree with the votekick system and it's abuse, yes it's annoying. Some people do votekick others for simply their skill, thinking they're an exploiter. I don't agree with the "make it harder to kick players above level 100" since I see that being a waste of time to script. Instead, level 100+ players should be able to announce a votekick and any level above level 5 can choose to vote. I don't agree with the "make it require 13 votes instead of 9" they are all different depending on the amount of people in the server.

  • NuFangz458 I had a similar idea (look to past messages) and ExKaySeedy said "Setting such a high bar for being able to votekick would not be a good idea."

    Now, I suggested rank 80+, but still, I think no matter the level, unless impractically high, people will still get kicked for no real reason. Some people just want to see the world burn.

  • @TheLastMan yeah, now thinking of it, no matter the level it would still be abused. The community votekick system is a good idea to get those annoying exploiters off the server, but I feel it's being abused more for what it should be used for. Either way, the only way to fix it would be for people to stop acting so immature with it, or completely take the feature away and let the hierarchy (moderators) do the job.

  • @TheLastMan said in Better votekick system:

    I think no matter the level, unless impractically high, people will still get kicked for no real reason.

    I’m 380 and I still get votekicked occasionally lol

    Whatever, better than hackers taking over everything.

  • Banned

    CamaroKidBB Rank 142, only got VK'ed twice

  • hopeless time to get hacking ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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