Noob friendly Dedicated servers

  • we seriously need dedicated servers that are noob friendly,As of right now the game heavily discourages new players playing the game.Getting rekt as soon as they spawn and getting 0.4kdr as almost every server have at least 1 or 2 level 100s.
    I suggest making servers that only allow players under lvl 40 and less than 2.5kdr. getting into these servers are by chance so it doesn't ruin the game's population.
    It would greatly encourage players from playing and being part of a long-term player, and allow the players to actually form skills as they can play without being killed to quickly.

  • Terrible idea.

    First off, KDR and rank are not reliable indicators of skill.

    As for the rest, I'll just copy/paste what I said before regarding these servers.

    Without high ranks, there is no pressure for low ranks to push themselves and learn faster.
    High ranks are also able to offer advice to low ranks at times as well, and creating segregated servers would only rob them of such opportunities.

  • I agree with ExKaySeedy that "KDR and rank are not reliable indicators of skill." That being said, I don't fully agree with him saying that high-levels push low-ranks to be better. I personally feel that most people playing will get tired of being destroyed, with a small few actually getting better and being inspired.

    I would also like to point out a division in many high-levels that I don't see others acknowledge too often, but it kind of pertains to this. I think on one side of high-levels are the toxic or sweaty players. These are the ones typically destroying the low-levels and causing a bad playing experience. They can cause low-levels to leave, just as much as medium-/high-levels. On the other side are the "calm" high-levels. I feel like these are the ones who inspire and can help teach the low levels. They are probably the best in the community because they befriend others, and offer a voice that others feel they can listen too. High-levels could switch between either stereotype just based on their mood, or could be both, but I feel that they are both needed in PF. The toxic can destroy and get rid of the little kids and other toxic people, as they have the equipment to do so. The calm can help just as many more calm and new players.

  • I've talked about something like that somewhere.

    And yes, this technically counts as matchmaking no matter how you look at it.

    TL;DR in case you're lazy like I am: smurfs will forever be a problem no matter what sort of system you employ. A rank 200 will just create a new account, die often so his KDR dips below the requirement, and he gets what he wanted.

    Never accuse the community of lacking creativity.

  • ist not like fortnite that you are out once you die. You respawn, you try again, you get better, you start killing the noobs...

  • This post is deleted!

  • High ranks could teach the lower ranks of how to play in un-ranked servers. They could also technically show low ranks new strategies whilst playing the game.

  • ExKaySeedy Excuse me, but I think KDR is a decent indicator of skill. But, to increase accuracy, skill rating should be a compound result from the combination of the player's KDR, Points Per Second and Rank.

  • DerpCube

    Except there are plenty of additional factors that may also influence KDR. A player who's become skilled recently will still be weighed down by their previous deaths, and skilled players with unstable internet will not have consistent per-match ratios, which will reflect upon their overall KDR.

    The key issue is that KDR currently calculates for the total sum of kills/deaths, which is highly unreliable and not at all fully reflective of a player's current ability.
    If the ratio was refreshed monthly, however, a more accurate representation of skill could be obtained.

    And as for rank, correlation ≠ causation. I know plenty of +100 ranks who perform average in comparison to the rest of the playerbase due to various factors.

  • ExKaySeedy yeah, the monthly KDR refreshing should be taken into account when calculating player skill.

  • ExKaySeedy (I apologize in advance for the grammatical errors or typos I probably made. if you see them, please let me know.)

    I don't think we need high rank players to apply pressure to new player. PF is a competitive FPS after all, and to my knowledge, most people likes winning and not dying :/ I think thats enough motivations for new players to do their best, and there's gotta be a reason for other FPS games to have a Rank System which seperates players by their skills. ...right?

    As for the advice part, i agree that high rank players can help and offer advices to new players to learn and understand the game better, but i also believe that PROPER TUTORIAL or communities and forums (like the one we're using right now) could substitute it.

  • AmberSap ExKaySeedy There are other forum threads about having a tutorial or something similar, and I agree with AmberSap that it could suppress the need for ranked or noob servers.

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