Idea to add Galil ACE 23 to phantom forces

  • starman maybe lito will not rewrite statistics completely from my example? AK-12 does not cause you to vomit?

  • You need to understand that every weapon has/needs to have its own strengths and drawbacks.
    AK-12 is your run-of-the-mill rifle with decent firerate, damage and recoil, which makes it insanely easy to use, albeit boring and with a low skill ceiling, so you can't go very far with it. Or the FAL variants, which all have low magazine size, but deal way more damage to compensate.

    I can't see anyone who'd willingly downgrade himself with a rifle with stats this inferior, even when compared to the HK416 (which is already one of the lower-performing weapons).

  • xnukdctecz a little

  • chels I know everything perfectly, maybe you don’t. Quote my message: "maybe lito will not rewrite statistics completely from my example?"

  • xnukdctecz
    No offence to you, and I am sorry if this comes off as abrasive but you just sound like you do not know what you're doing with the stats so far with your suggestion. You probably know what you're doing, but as for now I can't tell at all.
    As far as I can tell the stats are inferior to almost anything else, as I have implied earlier on, and they all need improvement. Just ask yourself, would you really want to use a heavily outclassed gun like that in the game?

    You can't just say "leave lito to do the balancing hahaha" either. It's YOUR suggestion, make it look good at least.

    That's all I am saying.

  • chels I'm sorry if you hold me for a dunno. I wrote all these statistics on purpose. There must be such a weapon in the game. It’s like zip 22 (in its class it’s the worst weapon, galil will be the same, only in assault rifles) If I wanted to make good and correct statistics, I would. When I was doing statistics, I looked at SCAR-L, AUG A1, A2, FAMAS and other 5.56x45. So I thought, why do we need another weapon, with almost the same stat only with a different model? So I did what you think is the worst, and I know that myself. And I think you should take care of yourself, and not just correct other people.

  • xnukdctecz Except the ZIP is one of the few weapons that can really 3HSK flat out at any range with a lack of recoil, fastest reload in the class, insanely high firerate if it weren't for the fact it's a semi. And that's a pistol.

    There's really no "worst" weapon in the game, by definition, because every weapon at least has a place in the game.
    The M231 has bad recoil, but has a damage model and firerate that every other AR can only dream of. The ZIP has aforementioned things going for it. The G11K2 also has a 3HSK range flat out with above-average penetration, burst firerate and magazine size.

    I don't think anyone should aspire to make something that is just utterly bad at every aspect especially when other weapons exist, and especially to the point where there's just zero purpose in it being in the game. Same goes to you. This is not a battle royale, this is a competitive shooter.

    Furthermore, would you really be willing to waste time and effort on making/using something that is purely unusable?

  • chels like an ordinary weapon, and like a troll gun, yes. I know all this very well, and I don’t think that EVERY bad weapon should have a good aspect. Diversity. And, I could write rate of fire 770, but I did not write, right? And yes, no one knows yet whether Shaylan will deal with this model, and the addition of this particular weapon.

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  • i can't unsee your answer sir 🧐

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  • Lawrence Hyper couldn’t say anything smarter, sir🤔? Why are there so many geniuses on this forum who don’t take care of themselves?

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  • xnukdctecz said in Idea to add Galil ACE 23 to phantom forces:


    Bud, there's a fine line between diversity and bloating.

    Something the arsenals of Battlefield and Phantom Forces have extremely in common is the amount of weapons they contain. This would not be an inherently bad thing if every weapon featured had some modicum of specialization. Except they don't. Instead, what we've got is this conglomerate of samey ARs with few exceptions.

    What you are suggesting is another run-of this mill 5.56x45 NATO assault rifle, which is something we have plenty of.

  • Inconceivable I know. But I think that AK12, AN 94, As Val, Scar L and Aug A1 are already sick to see. I understand that we have a lot of 5.56x45 rifles, maybe this is a bad idea, but it makes little sense.

  • Inconceivable "run of the mill"

    dude the stats on this thing is so bad that it makes the HK416 look op rofl

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  • I'm seeing a lot of negative comments about implementing the Galil, and one I see a lot is how it compares to the HK416, which I can't understand the criticism. It's a worse HK416, sure, but it's also meant for rank 14, which I think would be fine. Furthermore, I saw a comment on having even more barely different guns, and I also don't understand this. Perhaps having more guns to scroll through might be a pain, but there could be other ways to deal with that. Every gun is unique here, and having different guns, I feel, will only make it better. There are many spectrums guns can be organized on, and as long as it doesn't place exactly the same as another gun, I welcome it.

  • TheLastMan I tried to convey this.