More attachment idea's for Mar. (Part 2)

  • Yes, it's time for more attachment idea's for Mar, which has been working very hard in the Test Place.

    Based on the recent Test Place updates I feel like Mar actually considered some of the idea's, So before we start with the new idea's, let's see which of the previous idea's from the first thread I made got added!

    Items in bold text have been added.

    50rd Drum (FAL 50.00) Still my most requested attachment, has yet to happen.
    Hensoldt ZF 6x42 (Scope) The PSG-1 scope, Didn't get added yet but if it does, should be available on all guns with proper railings and for free on the MSG90.
    FN Scope The FAL scope, Not added yet.
    12 Gauge Choke Not added yet.
    Salvo-12 Suppressor Partially added to the normal Suppressors, they are very big on Shotguns.
    9mm Conversions Added on all 3 of the guns I suggested them for, the UMP, Vector and MAC. The UMP even comes with a rename to UMP9.
    Extended Magazine (L86 LSW) Not added yet, this ASSAULT RIFLE (Yes I still refuse to call this a LMG) deserves an extended magazine.

    Now that is out of the way, I shall put in my new attachment idea's.

    Attachment name Available on guns Why Stats
    TRG .300 Conversion TRG-42 Another ammo conversion, acts like an extended mag for the TRG. Magazine capacity increased to 7, Increases range0, Reduces damage , range1 and muzzle velocity.
    Extended Magazine Uzi Because the Uzi deserves a proper extended magazine, I know there will be .45 ACP and .22 LR conversions but I want a proper extended mag in 9mm. Magazine capacity increased to 32, Ammo reserve reduced to 128, Reload speed reduced.
    AK Beowulf Conversion AK47 Remember the AK/50 in the CTE? This was an AK-47 in .50 Beowulf, what about we bring this back? Damage increased, Magazine reduced to 10, Ammo reserve reduced to 80, Recoil increased, Firing sound is louder and lower pitched.
    Folded Stock FAL 50.63 PARA Just another gun to fold the stock. Same stats as other unfolded stock attachments.
    MP1911 Stock MP1911 I remember this being suggested everytime the MP1911 got readded to the Test Place. (I'm looking at you Hellcat) Less rotational recoil but more camera recoil.
    35rd Mag PPSH-41 For people that want this. Decreased recoil, Reduces magazine capacity to 35, Ammo reserve decreased to 210
    Full Stock Dragunov SVDS For those that want to make the Dragunov SVD Same stats as the Full Stock on the AS VAL/SR-3M.

  • L86 defo needs an extended mag, but the rest seems kind pointless to me.

  • 50rd Drum (FAL 50.00)

    no, you can't add the drum when there is a 30rnd boy

  • Darkman_Bree

    You might want to edit it so that it says "Folded Stock" instead of "Unfolded Stock".

    Also the Dragunov SVD and VSS Vintorez have very different stocks.

    By the way, how do you make tables?

    That aside, I have a couple of visual tweaks and more I'd like to suggest.

    Visual Tweaks

    (Some of these may be too complicated to add, so it's understandable if they're not up for consideration)

    • Guns with integral irons (G3/AG3, MP5 family, FAL family, etc...) no longer have their irons disappear when optics are attached. Optics that are simply too low are attached on a riser to clear the original iron sights. This does not apply to attachable iron sights owing to their nature.

    • Allow us to retain the front sight post by choice on AR-15s if the optic is tall enough - Eotechs, Acogs, etc. for that classic look.

    • For AK family weapons, mount lasers of the "Other" category onto a rail on the side of the dovetail pic-rail adaptor if there is an optic attached.
      Lasers should still be mounted on the handguard if stock irons are used to avoid blockage of irons. This is an example of a side rail present on a dovetail pic-rail adaptor.

    • Allow us to optionally apply the C7A2's M16A2-style handguard onto the M16A3/A4 if no attachments are selected. Like this.

    • Allow us to optionally apply the Beowulf ECR's handguard onto the M4/A1 to simulate the heat shield handguard found on earlier M4s. Like this.


    • Ergo-grip for MSG90, attached under "Other". It's the grip used by the PSG-1. Slows down aimspeed, while reducing recoil. Has the added bonus of increasing hold-breath time if a scope is equipped. May reduce walkspeed. Image.

    • Give the Honey Badger a rifle-length barrel. Modifies stats based on Mar's rules, image here.

    • Handstop grip. Offers no recoil reduction, only decreases aimspeed. Image.

  • Lawrence Hyper said in More attachment idea's for Mar. (Part 2):

    no, you can't add the drum when there is a 30rnd boy

    Hahaha FAL goes BRRRRRRRR!

    ExKaySeedy said in More attachment idea's for Mar. (Part 2):

    You might want to edit it so that it says "Folded Stock" instead of "Unfolded Stock".


    ExKaySeedy said in More attachment idea's for Mar. (Part 2):

    Also the Dragunov SVD and VSS Vintorez have very different stocks.

    Well crap.

    ExKaySeedy said in More attachment idea's for Mar. (Part 2):

    By the way, how do you make tables?

    |FAL|Is great!|
    |The tab above|is empty!|

    will become:

    FAL Is great!
    The tab above is empty!

  • Darkman_Bree

    You have my thanks.

  • Not necessarily an attachment but more of a revamp for the G3/AG3's iron sights. Another one is to have option to have a free float handguard that resembles the early 2000s free float handguards in the other attachments for improved accuracy

  • "Give the Honey Badger a rifle-length barrel."

    Then it's not a Carbine anymore... It would be better to add the SR-30 DSR as a .300 BLK Assault Rifle.

  • 50 round drum on the HK21 to turn it into a G8A1

  • heck_god It's still the HK21. In CoD, the HK21 there has a 50 rnd drum mag if equipped with extended mags. Therefore, the reload speed should be increased by a lot since the normal reload speed is 7.2 seconds. So, if the drum mag is on, the reload speed should go down by 50%.

  • HK21 is literally a modular LMG, it should not change names when equipping a mag.

  • we need a tec 9 extended mag

  • Mr_Else i think mar made a TEC9 drum

  • heck_god Nothing special on the TEC-9.

  • Let's get the stock from the Intratec MP9

    alt text

  • @RedComm Foregrip too?

  • Maybe if it's only cosmetic. If you started adding grips on secondaries, then you need to start considering adding them to all of them.

  • ExKaySeedy I Don't think M16A4 use M16A2 handguard is good,just look at US Army'M16A4.But M16A3 on this suggestion is good

  • ExKaySeedy Hold on, how the hell can the player use the handstop grip when the hands are just blocky? And how do you attach it on a pic rail because most weapons have pic rails on the handguard because the grip was MLOK or KeyMod supported?

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