(outdated) Votekicking is broken and abusive? Let's share our ideas!

  • SteveTheIgnorant Honestly, I see it as completely context based. If someone is incredibly good with a gun, like getting 50 kills while everyone else has 5, and they get kicked, even though they are not cheating, I see that as being reasonable, and a good portion of that server apparently agrees. If someone has 5 more kills than others, and it just so happens that they killed a specific, toxic person more than a few times, and that person decides to kick them, that is more of a problem. I say this, as I (as I said) think the first person being kicking is reasonable. It is obvious they are in a server with a majority of worse players, and are at the point where they're ruining the game for many others, as well as possibly stealing kills, and as such, xp, from others. Kicking the second person is completely fucked, and the kicker could be justifiably kicked.

    As another note, these are my opinions. The votekick system, unlike what most people think, is used completely at the discretion of each active servers and its players. I say this because I've been on many servers, where someone was hacking, and many people didn't just not vote, but actually voted no. I've also been on servers where toxic, racist, etc. players existed, got kicked, and the whole server rejoiced at the fact. If you want to know if they should be kicked, ask others in the server you're in, or it happened in.

  • um maybe have a cap on what rank are allowed to vote kick
    I got kicked by a rank 154 just a few days ago bc he thought i was hacking on my rank 207 account. Who the hell does that? Who hacks on a main?
    Now that is reasonable bc i did kill him a lot and the last straw that caused him to put in another votekick was when i found him hiding after killing a team mate. I even saw him get up there while he was working on my team mate.
    i think people should put the reason up there like hacking or chat related

  • Very good discussion again , but I am used to StyLiS turning a blind eye and doing nothing about this.

  • now that last part of having a votekick log in discord I like

  • Antifuse_00 I agreee

  • Maybe the game can tell the "ID" of the votekick that happen and log it, so that the people on discord can check the kick and report it more easily. {i might be hard because of the clammed framework :( } And this mixed with the reason, it will really make ppl think about starting a vk

  • Somewhat unrelated, but I actually got nominated for a votekick four times and votekicked once in the span of about 4-5 days.

    Literally all I was doing is running the Judge and Jury, both with Speedloader and Birdshot.

  • LOL why. How many kills?

    P.s, why is birdshot useful?

  • SteveTheIgnorant More pellets and more spread; essentially doubles down on how devastating a shotgun is in CQB. Unlike Flechette which is just worse buckshot but it wallbangs.

  • ohhhh thx