(outdated) Votekicking is broken and abusive? Let's share our ideas!

  • As you all know, votekicking is far from perfect and we are seeing more abuse than cheaters being votekicked.

    I'm too lazy to write two paragraphs on why the system needs to be changed, so here is a video by Billycurve that explains what I am getting at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PBm0ihM_WU (sellout btw)

    We should work together and brainstorm any changes we can think of that will minimize the abuse of the system, and maximize the use for how it is intended.

    Side note: I do not intend to "force" StyLis to change their system. Development takes time. This post is entirely for sharing our ideas and hopefully assisting development in the process.

  • My votekick idea:

    There should be a little menu next to team spawn that says "Start votekick". Clicking this would bring up a menu that allows you to select a player on either team.

    Selecting the player will spectate them and shows their stats like rank, KDR, ect.

    When you click on the player, you will be able to select several votekick reasons: Hacking/cheating, Unfair glitching, Chat abuse, Roblox TOS.

    You click "Confirm" and a warning message pops up: "Please only start a votekick if this player is doing any aforementioned actions, abuse of this votekick system may put your account at risk of a penalty. Confirm?"

    There will be a 1 minute votekick cooldown and one person can only kick twice per server.

    Clicking confirm again will start the usual votekick, but it will have modifications.

    1. The chosen reason will be shown to everyone.
    2. The pop - up will have a redesign to make it easier to read.
    3. The person who started the votekick will have their name shown.

    Another possible thing?:
    When someone gets votekicked and they are on the Stylis server (and verified), the Stylis Bot will ping them in a new channel that shows people who have been votekicked, and the roblox usernames that have started the kick. This will make it easy for the game staff to track down potential votekick abusers.

    Stylis Bot:" @discord-user You have been votekicked by [Roblox-user] for [reason]. If this is not a valid reason for your kick, please contact a game staff."

  • nah


  • lvl 60 cap on who gets to vote

  • Corgerus This is good, votekick should be changed to that.

    But also... BILLYCURVE IS BACK?!?

  • Darkman_Bree I'd simp for Billycurve

  • Exxyld That would be good in some cases, but I can imagine that having a level cap will be problematic on low-level lobbies.

  • Corgerus

    Love that idea. Would rly help fix a broken system. Maybe only lvl 25+ can start and 10+ can vote?

  • I don't think that starting a votekick should be rank limited. As I said, there will be low-level servers. Imo it should be limited to playtime. Example: Someone must play for at least 1 hour in total to start a votekick (I don't think this will help much but it could help prevent spam abusers if they arise).

  • I once got votekicked because someone lied about me saying the N-Word.

  • Corgerus

    Allowing the reason for the votekick to be displayed would be an excellent feature, and would help in a large amount of cases where actual exploiters are involved.

    My only caveat is that it is still inherently flawed in that if a server wants an innocent player gone, the votekick reason function would not prevent a kick.

    While your additional suggestion may be a good fix to the aforementioned problem, I worry that it is simply too much additional hassle for both players and staff to deal with reports.

    One issue I don't think anyone else has touched on in this thread is that your vote against a certain player is not counted for subsequent votekicks. Instead of nullifying your vote for additional consecutive votekicks, raise the vote cap.

    That way, if the kick for an exploiter does not come through the first time due to lack of awareness or other factors, there is still room for another kick to happen, while the cap would hopefully prevent abuse.

  • Here's something I'd like to see happen:

    When a box pops up to votekick, keep it minimized until the player presses a button. That way players are not inclined to type "Y" just to get it out of the way.

    They really need to improve the votekicking system.

  • MDT

    The box needs to be large enough to demand the player's attention. Minimizing it would only foster indifference and make it harder to prevent abuse and kick exploiters.
    It would be better to add an "ignore" button to minimize it, while pressing said button again would open the tab again.

  • ExKaySeedy

    It can still be visible and minimized.

  • MDT

    As members of the server, players are beholden to the judging of their peers. It just becomes easier to ignore if minimized by default. Participation is already a problem.

  • The simplest way is to allow spectation. Players of both teams can spectate each other to see if they are exploiting or not.

  • starman That would create more problems. Someone could have friends in a call to tell another guy on the other team where the enemies are. Imo cross-team spectating should be enabled for someone if they are getting vote kicked.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Not a Complete Fix But It Would Help Some People

    I think the people most kicked (besides cheaters) are either high-skill players that low levels simply can't see that its real skill or people who are just laggy/high ping(which IDK how to fix). But I think the select people who are getting over 80 kills per game and over the level (insert high but not too high number here) and really do run a risk of being accused of cheats should be able to go and get "verified" not a cheater so anyone trying to kick them would have a popup "This person is just better than you" or something. It might be exploitable but I think, all in all, it will be better to have than to not have it. Maybe you have to send video proof of a good game of your to get verified or play with a "verifier" staff. Not sure if it would work or make things worse but just my idea. Also, if you're under level 70, you can't start a votekick

  • I have edited and added some things to the top reply. Give opinions pls.