Gameplay Idea: Ranked/Competitive Gameplay

  • The title is pretty self explanatory, but I'll explain anyways.
    With the addition of ranked/competitive gameplay, people who take the game seriously and want to compete against people with the same ideals would bring a new level to the game. The current gameplay could be called "Casual." While the Ranked/Competitive option would be for ranks ___ (for the devs to decide) and up. Not only would this system bring a new level of competitiveness to the community, but it may make it even more active. Another reason why adding ranked gameplay is a good idea is so there is a little more separation between noobies and veterans of the game, so the noobies can learn the game and have more fun without a sweaty level 200 destroying them every two seconds. Obviously this is an exaggeration, but you get my point. The creation of Ranked/Competitive gameplay would lead to the creation of competitive teams. Maybe even after, Phantom Forces can have tournaments and stuff like that.

    Now, assuming this idea is accepted, the question is...
    How will ranking placement be determined?
    Like any other eSport game, elo points would be based on wins. A player would have to play 10 placement matches to receive his/her rank. I'm sure the developers know how the elo works so I don't think I have to explain it thoroughly. Something extra could be like the banning phase in Rainbow Six Siege. There could be banning phases for guns in Phantom Forces.

    My question for the community is, what do you think about ranked gameplay? Would it make the game better or worse? If worse, how can we increase the possibility of ranked gameplay being added to the game?

    k thats it for the idea thx for reading :3


  • The PF community does have competitive elements, and they already do well enough on their own. There are already teams/guilds, etc.

    Adding scoreboards/rankings would be a logistical nightmare and I'd much rather the devs focus on bug fixes and new content for the game.

    Plus, most of the fun in PF derives from being able to flex on low ranks being able to pit yourself against those more and less skilled than yourself.