AK-47 setups & general discussion

  • So recently i unlocked the AK 47. So far i got 1200 kills with it and it's my main weapon right now.

    My general feel about the weapon is that its damage is amazing but the recoil is really harsh. I think the damage drop off isn't a problem tho headshots are beneficial, both in cqc and in lrc. I like using AK 47 in close and medium range, maybe even as a pseudo dmr with a higher magnification scope and in semi auto. The only problems I really see are recoil and firerate, tho the firerate is compensated by the high damage.

    I use this setup on it:
    -Okp - 7
    -Muzzle break
    -Stubby grip
    -Green laser
    -Deafult ammo

    Okp 7 feels very clean for me and i like the unobstructive frame. I use muzzle break to reduce the vertical recoil and stubby to help with camera recoil. Glaser just increases accurcy and helps with aiming.
    I also want to try folding grip and compensator because i heard they are good tho for me vertical recoil is the main problem so i guess muzzle break is better? I also wanted to ask about the hp ammo. I know that it makes the AK 47 a 2SK to torso but only in super close quarters combat so is it even worth using?

    I also wanted to ask you guys for your setups and general opinion about the gun.

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    put HP on it

  • Pizza Man You need a great load of recoil compensation. I know recoil's less wack on this gun than on the M231, but just in case you don't like the recoil that much, just apply something that can lighten the recoil.

  • HP on the AK47 brings it’s damage up to a base max of 50, allowing it too 2 shot up close, it’s really fun to use, but it makes it worse at long range, and it doesn’t change the headshot damage, it also like half’s the penetration. Overall tho, it’s fun to use since it can 2 shot people, I would try it, as it’s really fun.

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    ButtHurtTryHard it doesnt affect lrc performance at all

  • @LameGaming Irc?

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    ButtHurtTryHard long rang combat