Nerf the intervention

  • The intervention is better in every way than the following snipers
    Remington 700
    Bfg 50

    The intervention is better than the following snipers in some major fashion
    Mosin nagant
    Dragunov svds

    Why the intervention is overpowered. The intervention now has the 3rd highest firerate of bolt action snipers and has the potential to 1 hit torso all ranges. This makes the thing better than almost every sniper in everything before the m107 is unlocked. I hope people can see the problem here. It has the damage of a Hecate and the firerate of a mosin.
    The nerf I believe should happen is the old firerate of 30 be returned and 1 less min damage. But the max range be buffed to 100. This would allow the intervention to have a good 1 hit kill potential but it is a slower sniper overall.

  • I have no idea why it was even buffed, It was fine.

  • i've heard they made the changes to appeal to the sniper com (increased damage range and faster rpm) and it's a bit absurd
    i actually main sniper only for hitting clips and i think it's ridiculous. it's too satisfying to use with pull bolt and it basically makes every other sniper redundant.

  • The MV and damage buff were fine, allowing it to be an in between the .50 cals and normal snipers, but it didn’t need the 50 firerate, and also didn’t need an ADS buff.

  • ButtHurtTryHard it has the same htk as a 50 cal

  • plasmacritter you do realize that the effects of .375 CheyTac on the human body differs very little from 50 BMG, right?

  • Darkman_Bree said in Nerf the intervention:

    I have no idea why it was even buffed, It was fine

    The intervention has been getting harsh nerfs for the longest amount of time. Until it was buffed, it was the worst out of the rank 0 guns and was never messed with anyone with the exception of snipers that weren't ranked high enough to obtain the r700. At most, the only nerf it would have to get is one to the range of one shot damage.
    To add onto this, it's one hit torso range is 150 studs, not all ranges.

  • Inconceivable the Intervention in-game is actually cambered in .408 Cheyenne Tactical, not .375 Cheyenne Tactical

  • urbanestdog45 That only further proves my point.

    Ballistically speaking, .408 CheyTac is as useful as 50 BMG is at taking out infantry targets.

  • plasmacritter Why ruin a good thing? The intervention desperately needed a buff and I'm happy with the current statistics of it. Please don't complain about it.

  • ButtHurtTryHard would you consider at least a 45 RPM buff or 40?

  • ospreyscrims I don’t see a reason too. The intervention shoots .408 cheytac, a round in between .50cal and .338 Lupia(round that the TRG and AWM use) and it should reflect that. At 35 rpm it was inbeween slower bolt action rifles like the TRG or Remington and the .50 cals. Maybe it should have like 50 more studs on the min damage to give it a larger torso shot, but I don’t think it needs 40 rpm at all, right now it’s way too over powered. It has a really quick ADS time, pretty good RoF, the best drop in the game, and a large torso shot radius. With 50 rof it makes the AWM,TRG42,R700, Obsolete. I think that the old intervention was underpowered, but it didn’t need this much buffs.

  • Inconceivable I’m not talking about the power but the balance of the weapon in game

  • Bruh
    The TRG-42 is straight underpowered compared to the Intervention.
    Hell, .338 Lapua Magnum should be more powerful than .408 Cheyenne Tactical.

  • Inconceivable I thought the intervention was .408

  • I completely agree. The intervention has overtaken every other Sniper to such an extent that its the best viabile option for snipers barring the M107 or the Speed of the WA2000/Scout. Before it was buffed it was essentially, imo, a better Hecate for people who could hit headshots with its and it's lower fire rate was compensated by the 3000 muzzle velocity making it a long range powerhouse that was balanced in comparison to the other weapons, it had it's role, it couldn't 1 shot all ranges like a Hecate but it damn well destroyed people far faster if you hit their head.

    The only Sniper that I felt had no role was the TRG, pre Intervention buff.

  • WiseErnesto Even the TRG had a role, as a better Intervention. Now its just useless, especially with its default optic change making it so incredibly slow

  • plasmacritter
    It was shit for years, people complained.
    It was buffed, people complained.

    Can you take that into account?

    Oh, and also - you're saying it's better than every other sniper - just fkn say that, you don't have to list it out as if it were some sacred list. Just say
    "Every other sniper"

    Base your information on factual evidence. It's got a high rate of fire, but also realise that after the damage cutoff, you do 88.8 damage from long range to the torso, AND you only do 90 at most to the arms.

    Take into account the walk speed, take into account the accuracy. Show us the comparisons to other guns.

    We don't base our information on "It's better in every way". You refuse to talk about handling and accuracy, and you forget how other guns handle very similarly.

    Now, if you REALLY wanted to sell your idea, pitch the fact that the gun has more suppression than the BFG. Pitch how you dislike the torso multiplier. Include factual evidence for what you're presenting, and lay out your information in a format that will make sense to the user reading your statement.

  • Arctic lol no, intervention just renders everything obsolete. As it should. Clipping community here I come! I can't wait to make billions off of 360 ladderstall noscoping on ravod!

  • Inconceivable


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