Adding old scopes and scope skins back into Phantom forces!

  • So I've been thinking,

    Stylis are about to release a massive scope overhaul, introducing new scopes and existing irons on a variety of weapons. Some interesting options are the carry handle from an m16/m4 and the rather unique defult sight for the aug a1 as a viable sight for all weapons. this addition from the game is great and i cannot wait for the update to drop! However there are some changes that i would love to see included in this update. One of which is the addition of all scopes having the ability to be costomized through skins. I think more than one of us can agree that a horrible black/grey scope absolutelt ruins the asthetic look of that sniper skin combo you have been working on for half an hour. Mapping skins for all sniper scopes sounds very easy but im sure it is no easy task for the developers. This addition would help new and existing players enjoy the freedom of creating an asthetically pleasing sniper skin. And for all other weapons for that matter! Another point I may make would be the inclusion of the old style intervention/ b/sfg scopes for all of the snipers. Many people really enjoyed the shape and look of the old scopes and i feel it would be heavily in the publics interest to invest to recreate these forgotten scopes. This i fell would be a noteworthy addition to the new and upcoming release of the optics overhall. These scopes look great with the weapon as they do not look undersized compared to the bigger and more populat intervention and bfg weapons. And who's gonna turn down an offer to put a giant scope on a zip22? This change would help new players to feel like they are in a new and interesting type of game.

    Give me your opinions guys and maybe this change could be coming soon to phantom forces!


  • It's definitely a good idea, it's always been annoying to have a grey scope for my bfg or sfg when the rest of the gun carries the skin

  • I've always wanted the idea of bringing back the old scopes to become a thing. Please make these updates happen!

  • PLS add the scope update from the test place, but polish it a little so the scopes look more fluid. and also have the default scopes have colors cause that's what we all want! and old style scopes will make so many players come back, blackscoping and zoom scoping like the old style will make me play for hours and it will make other players come back! So old scope colors ways and insane and if you bring back the old scope look will make this the best update to come to PF!!

  • Old scopes would really bring some nostalgia in the game and the old scope were very clean. The animation of the scope in was much cleaner and was very efficient for snipers.

  • Old scopes should be added back into the game because it hits hard on nostalgia. I feel like we should add them back into the game.

  • i fricking need this in my life. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesyes yes yes yesyes yes yes yesyes yes yes yesyes yes yes yesyes yes yes yesyes yes yes yesyes yes yes yesyes yes yes yesyes yes yes yesyes yes yes yesyes yes yes yesyes yes yes yesyes yes yes yesyes yes yes yes

  • added old scopes to phantom forces would be a GREAT IDEA having skin on a scope is really cool.

  • YESSS PLS I used to be good at sniping but ever since they added the new scopes when u aim in it covers half the screen so you cant black scope

  • This is a REALLY good idea! And should definiatly br taken into consideration!

  • in my honest opinion this would make the game feel really clean and would make it way more enjoyable

  • Honestly I think this would be great and would make the game much much more enjoyable for me as well as others.

  • makes sniping harder and more uglier, old snipers fit the game theme way more and were actually fun and enjoyable to use. also the new sway physics are ugly and annoying

  • Oh yes pelase

  • Actually, Old scopes would bring a huge amount of nostalgia back and I personally think that this is a good idea. Instead of adding new guns to the game this would actually be quite the good update because every new gun to me is just dead content at this point. The scope skins would also be great aswell because the grey color on the sniper scopes just seem ugly, I don't know why exactly StyLiS changed the color of the guns and scopes to an ugly grey-ish color, I just don't think the color fits perfectly with the guns but with that aside I really do hope old scopes and scope skins can get added because this would be a miracle if it does happen.

  • Please do this, It would bring back enjoyment to sniping in phantom forces. The old scopes were much cleaner and the skin idea would look good as well. Thanks for considering it

  • Yeah I like the idea of switching the styles of the scope from old to new as a option. I dont know how it's gonna end up on the newer scopes like the leopuld or klassik lm for example but I think it could be managed in a way.

  • This would be great! would bring lots of old players backs and motivate many more!

  • Um yes yes and yes?

  • This would def make the game a lot more enjoyable