Adding old scopes and scope skins back into Phantom forces!


  • I loved how the old scopes looked and loved the old skin zones as well so making that an option would really cool

  • I really think this would be a great idea!

  • yes agreed i liked the old scopes stylis please change!!!

  • While we're on the topic of scopes, I'd like to suggest a feature that allows users to change the color of the scopes' reticles, as sniping in maps in the open when it is night time is noticeably more difficult than it is during the day. While I know there is a feature to disable the day/night cycle, having a static sky gets boring fast. It sure wasn't fun when the winter update made it so it was night time all the time. If we are able to have white or even just slightly lighter gray reticles on sniper scopes to contrast the black night sky, it would certainly help! I understand a feature like this was in the works for normal red/green dot scopes, but this is regarding snipers, as red and green are very visible in the dark or during the day.

  • Well that's a lot of new people

  • commit said in Adding old scopes and scope skins back into Phantom forces!:

    I think that was already in the test place some time ago or it might be now idk

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  • RobertAF It wasn't available for default sniper scopes as far as I know, but I may be wrong.

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  • commit im wrong i guess. i didnt really know

  • @OTs-12 the community really wants this one i guess

  • RobertAF Oh, my bad, I thought you were replying to my other reply about reticle colors.

  • @OTs-12 its spread through discord a bit because alot of people are pretty passionate for this for what it is and took the opportunity to say what they want to say and actually be noticed.

  • Old scopes would be the one of the best updates this game has had in a while. Who doesn't think snipers a buff? Old scopes made sniping easier and less stressful, and they were really nostalgic. I know that the main focus of the game is to become realistic as it can be, but can we at least have this one thing that made snipers a good as they were in the past?

  • This I would gladly like to see added to the game. Though it's something pretty small I know for sure it'll make a lot of people happy.

  • commit I remember Godstatus or someone making a video on it a while ago for a test place update. I don't know if it's still a thing though. I'd really like that!

  • It just seems like a better idea at this point. Snipers after the scope change started looking overkill and don't look very proportional in some ways. the old scopes cleaner and smoother and no one had a problem with them, they were fine as they were. but when these current sniper scopes came out it didn't have a very positive community response and of course yes clipping hated on it because we like our snipers as they were a year and a half ago, but it wasn't a very liked change to snipers. the old scopes were just better in so many ways in the way people looked at them and how they seemed ON the gun.

  • I'm just fine with the current PMII models, but they are a bit out of place. I understand that video games need to evolve overtime and StyLis are trying to take a more detailed art direction with PF, but it's going to make their game much less accessible than it already is. The older scope models were also much more fun to use with it's relatively simple model. I remember back in 2019 that it was much cleaner when blackscoping or not even fully scoping in when getting kills. If this were to go through, I reckon it would be a big step forward to making Snipers feel more liable in head-to-head combat. Even in its current state, it's not that great at long range.
    I reckon that the base model itself could be kept but maybe keep the transparent glass from the new model (I don't know if that would ruin the entire point of bringing back the old models). Maybe there could be an option to use old models instead of the new ones, but it would add more clutter to the game options.

    oh yeah vcog looks ugly with skins and i miss having skins on my pmII :(

  • yes, they definently should. now the scopes are ugly and they dont fit the aesthetic of the game. the scopes are slow and its really annoying. not to mention scope sway. with old scopes, it will impact a lot of people that maybe quit because of the scopes that ruined snipers for them, potentially making them come back. it would be a really nice change and it will flood nostalgia from the scopes which will also give people reasons to come back. that way, they have more players playing and the players are actually happy. there are a lot more problems with the game that need to be addressed but this is a really good idea.