How useful is the Angled Grip?

  • StyLiS Staff

    The angled grip seems to be a popular choice among many people, but I question how useful it truly is. The way I see the angled grip, it seems kind of outclassed to me. If someone wants lowered rotational recoil and are willing to expend camera recoil, vertical is the grip of choice. If someone wants maximum camera recoil reduction, folding is the grip of choice. And if someone wants camera recoil reduction in ads without as much rotational recoil addition, they use stubby. The only time I see angled grip as an optimal choice seems to be when someone may want camera recoil reduction that does not make rotational recoil as bad as with folding but wants to maintain hipfire stability factors and such. I'm making this post because I want to know how everyone else feels about the angled grip, and why they feel it's useful.

  • any high recoil AR you have, the angled grip will stabilize it. Seriously. That grip is my first pick for whatever gun that has ludicrous vertical climb.

  • StyLiS Staff

    JirroZ My point though is that there is almost always a better option. High recoil isn't exactly defined, as there are multiple forms of recoil, and whatever the angled can do, it seems like the stubby or folding can do better.

  • I used to use it a lot with most guns, but then I took a look at the advanced stats and didn’t end up liking what I saw. I guess at the start, I thought it was decent based off my experience with it in other shooters on this platform, so I assumed it would be more beneficial then other grips.

  • Banned

    To use the angled grip properly, you have to look at both hip and ADS recoils. Most people generally struggle to know what grip to use so using an angled or a stubby should only be used if you know the gun's recoil and such. Obviously if you don't exactly know you just pick folding grip, nothing wrong with that. I personally see angled grip being good on guns that have low vertical climb and have had their horizontal drift compensated by the compensator such as the AUG A1. Stubby grip is ideal for DMRs if you can max ROF them but I don't generally see it as good tbh.