Report a False vote kicker

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    Here's the story.
    I have a high KDR and I can mostly dominate my opponents in the game.
    But this makes me vulnerable to rude kids who use votekick to get back at me.
    I really hate these people.

    After I joined the Stylis Discord community, I was told by someone that I could report them to get a chat-ban or other punishment.

    So I take a picture and report them every time they votekick on me, and warn them in-game not to do it again.

    Previously I've gotten "Your report for XXXXXX was resolved"

    But my report today got this answer from the moderator:

    So, why would different moderators (staff) give different treatment to similar cases? That is unbelievable.

    It's like he's telling me I deserve to get kicked. (and i can't find a new server to rejoin). wtf
    Wasted time submitting the report. And the kicker won't get any consequences.

    • I've even seen someone say to me that he's not afraid of being reported because it's useless.
      Well, it seems he was right

    Shouldn't this be corrected?

  • GhostLuke well maybe they are friends of the votekicker or your being a snitch or they evaded stylis and bribed the moderator or and ??? unknown reason now figure this out since im not a detective

  • i play on xbox in pf so you cant access the chat since your playing on xbox

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