A handful of very simple changes that can greatly improve the game

  • Just a few fairly basic changes that can significantly improve the game. Most of these are fairly basic and non-controversial.

    Ammo pools

    • Carbine PDWs should be in the AR/Carbine ammo pool, not the PDW/pistol pool (G36C, Krinkov, etc.)

    • The LMG ammo pool should be removed. Instead, 5.56, 5.45, and 7.62x39 LMGs should be in the AR/Carbine pool, while the belt feds go in the Battle rifle/DMR pool [EDIT: it looks like this is actually happening]

    • Snipers chambered in .308, 7.62x51, and 7.62X54 should be in both the Sniper pool and Battle rifle/DMR pool

    • Someone should look at the Saiga conversions. Those things have the most messed up ammo pickup imaginable.


    • Full auto conversions should be select-fire conversions. The possible exception is the SVU-A, which would be busted with a semi-auto mode.

    • The unlock rank for changing reticle color should be lower. 100 Kills seems fairer.

    • +P ammo should slightly increase both maximum and minimum damage. There is currently no real reason to use it

    • Short barrel should increase CQB damage at the cost of long-range damage. The long barrel should do the opposite.


    • This is probably the most controversial thing that I will put here, but all the LMGs with torso multis should have them removed. Three of the four LMGs with torso multis would be very well balanced without them.

    Ease of use

    • Some kind of indicator of what sighting option is selected would be very nice. Perhaps use "Main1" and "Main2" for dual option optics like the VCOG, along with "Canted" for Canted and "Hip" for Shotgun style Alt-aiming. Anything extra (The dual AUG scope loadout, for example) becomes "Other".

    • The ability to choose what sighting system and firemode you use before you spawn would be great. I know that a lot of people have suggested this, but it makes too much sense.

    Skin zones

    • Accessories should have an option to disable skins

    • There should be more distinct skinzones, perhaps four or five of them. These should be community created to reduce stress on the devs and provide a higher quality product.

    • Of course, there is the possibility of removing skinzones altogether and allowing players to color parts individually...

    Also: Glock 20

  • I really don't like the idea of Plus P and the short/long barrels increasing damage at all. Doing that could really put a majority of the guns off balance. If ur proposing long barrel increasing minimum damage, even by 1 point, that could potentially break the balancing of a gun. Same applies for Plus P, as messing with the damage could make some guns overpowered. If it does need a buff, I don't think altering the damage is the right way to go.

  • Yup. Yup. Yup. I agree with everything.