Idea: Glock 20

  • I kinda wanted this to be a conversion, but it may work as its own gun. This is a variant of the Glock designed for the FBI that is used for bear hunting. It shoots the 10mm auto cartridge that is just as, if not more, powerful than .357 magnum and it holds 15 rounds of the stuff. Basically, it is designed as an in-between for the Deagles and the 9mm pistols. It can one tap to the head out to a decent range, and three shot to the body at any range, but the high recoil makes it bad at spamming

    Unlock rank: 110
    Damage: 36-31
    Range: 50-85
    Head multi: 3x
    Body multi: 1.1x
    Ammo: 15/30. Picks up ammo from pistols, machine pistols, pdws, and revolvers. Chambered in 10mm auto.
    RPM: 500
    Recoil: Deagle-like. Snappy and straight up to punish spammers and autoclickers. Medium recoil recovery to limit practical RPM to 300 or so
    Reload/handling/walkspeed: it’s a slightly bigger Glock, so the stats should be equal or minutely slower
    Velocity: 2000 studs/second

    Special attachments:
    G21 conversion: makes the gun become essentially a M45A1 with 13+1 capacity but shorter range.
    Long barrel: acts like a long barrel. Changes the G20 to a G40 and the G21 to a G41
    G-stock: stock for a Glock
    Extendo: 30 round 10mm magazine
    .40S&W: acts like “special” ammo

  • Er... What caliber is it? Muzzle velocity?

  • KommandoKazumi 10mm auto, and it has pretty high muzzle velocity. Sorry I forgot. Updating

  • Glock for .40 Smith and Wesson uses a 9mm frame, and Glock for .50 GI uses a .45 frame... Maybe the .40 S&W Conversion should be changed for the original Glock 17/18) and the .50 GI one for this.

  • toxL A Glock 20 can shoot .40 S&W without any modifications

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    Glock 20 said in Idea: Glock 20:

    Long barrel: acts like a long barrel

    Thank You Captain Obvious :)