Darkman's gun review - MOSIN NAGANT

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    The Mosin Nagant is a Russian bolt action sniper rifle used in World War I and II!
    It is unlocked at Rank 91!

    This antique rifle deals not much damage, it only deals 60 -> 50 damage being just enough to 2 hit, suppressors would drop it down to 3 hits at long range, the 60 damage lasts until a large 150 studs range!
    It also has a x1.5 torso multiplier and x3.0 headshot multiplier, the torso multiplier does not make much of a difference but this rifle can one shot kill to the head at any range!
    Firing at 2650 studs/s muzzle velocity, it needs to be carefully aimed because of the bullet drop, it has quite good penetration and high suppression!

    While this rifle still needs to rechamber after every shot, it does so at a fast rate, it fires at 70 RPM, it holds the 2nd fastest fire rate for bolt action snipers only being beaten by the Steyr Scout, those who can aim well can get kills very fast with this rifle!
    It feeds from 5 round stripper clips into an internal 5 round magazine, It takes 2.9 seconds to reload or 3.2 if empty, the magazine can be extended to 10 rounds making it a detachable magazine, but it has a large 50 ammo reserve!

    The recoil is high, the recovery is slow, but it all centers before the rechambering is done!
    This rifle is quite lightweight, making movement and aiming easy!

    The iron sights are very good on this rifle and somehow have a high magnification, it is popular to players even for sniping!
    But alternatively you can equip the free PU-1 Scope in optics!


    Extended Magazine

    Replaces your internal magazine system with a 10 round detachable magazine, completely changing the way you reload!

    (+) Increased magazine capacity to 10!
    (+) Allows a round in the chamber, maxing your ammo capacity to 11!
    (-) Decreased ammo reserve to 40!
    (-) Decreased aiming and equip speed!
    (-) Increased reload duration!

    The 10rd Howling Raven magazine is used for this weapon!

    8mm Conv.

    Changes your ammo to 8x50mmR rounds, becoming more powerful as a close range rifle while lacking at long range!

    (+) Increased damage to 85 -> 55!
    (+) Increased suppression!
    (+) Allows the ability to one shot in the torso up until 150 studs!
    (-) Cannot one shot headshot past 150 studs!
    (-) Decreased torso multiplier to x1.2!
    (-) Decreased headshot multiplier to x1.2!
    (-) Decreased muzzle velocity to 1925 studs/s!
    (-) Decreased recoil recovery speed!

    For this loadout, a complete change in attachments is recommended to be a viable close range rifle!
    I recommend:

    • OKP-7
    • Loudener
    • Skeleton Grip
    • Extended Magazine
    • 8mm Conv.


    The Mosin Nagant has a few unique attachments, the only ones being the Short Barrel, Romanian Grip, Remove Stock, S. Bolt Pull, Extended Magazine and 8mm Conv.!

    • The PU-1 Scope is free to use on this gun!
    • Since this weapon is a sniper rifle, it has access to the scopes of other snipers in optics for 5000 kills!

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • PU-1 Scope
    • Loudener
    • Sideways Grip / Skeleton Grip
    • Extended Magazine / Remove Stock / S. Bolt Pull
    • Default


    • Shay mentioned multiple times this is one of this favorite weapons in the game.
    • Realisticly, you cannot reload this weapon with a stripper clip if the magazine isn't empty, you'd have to reload the bullets one by one.

    My opinion on this gun

    A fun rifle but it is now overshadowed by quite some other snipers.
    It still performs very nicely and fast!

    I rate this gun a 9/10!

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  • Moist nugget

  • Why loudener?

  • Regular

    doublepiedavid No point in muzzle brake or compensator, Suppressors ruin damage and muzzle velocity, Flash Hider can be a good option but you don't need to mask muzzle flashes on snipers, Short barrel ruins muzzle velocity and damage range.

    But Loudener makes the sound lower pitched which sounds cool especially when combined with 8mm!

  • Darkman_Bree doesn't the short barrel increase cqb damage range, which is helpful with 8mm?

  • Regular

    doublepiedavid Not with snipers or revolvers, same with long barrel.

  • Darkman_Bree huh, does it with the K14. Oh well, this game it weird

  • Unpopular opinion; moist nuggets irons suck
    watch all the backlash come from this comment

  • The first gun that I remember saving up my credits for and buying when it first came out. I don't think I ever used it a week after.

  • The PU-1 scope is mounted on the handguard instead of the receiver in-game.
    The bent-down bolt handle is for mounting a PU-1 scope.
    When using a PU-1 scope (mounted on receiver) you shouldn't be able to load with stripper clips.

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